eBay Garbage

What’s interesting is that those violet boxes are now ~3x in price, just like the pokemon center ETB’s I won at auction 2 months ago. The seller stated they couldn’t deliver due to ”unforeseen reasons” yet they relisted the same items for updated prices.
I think this is a result of greed, and it’s catching up to them.


The negotiator



Master at work.


I recently received a notification today that the post office returned an order that was placed in January because the customer didn’t pick it up in the allocated time.

I messaged the seller and he gave a vague, been busy reason.

The return is currently on it’s way, however, they decided to ship the card back w/ tracked shipping, charge a processing fee, and charged me back import fees since I live in Canada. Total cost to have this returned is $18.30 CAD. The card I sold was a Dedenne GX shipped in a PWE for a total of $3 CAD all in.

Do I even refund the order? What would you guys do?

If it’s only $3, just refund the order and block. You’re going to have to pay the annoying fees anyway, so another $3 on top of that won’t be a huge deal. Better that than the headache of potentially having to deal with any shenanigans on his end.


Sometimes I try to buy Japanese cards before their price stabilizes. Had a couple instances where sellers “shipped” but item never arrived. I understand “go buy from other seller” if you lowball offer, but if they have a buy it now price they should honor it….

This time I bought 10x AR magikarp before it splashed to its current price. Figured all was well when I received tracking number. Then I received this…,

…wait. What?
It sounds to me like they just screwed up and sent only ‘1’, and then realized there was a second digit. Am I misunderstanding?

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This one just seems like an honest mistake they are quickly correcting, to me.


Agreed. I know the world’s a crazy place and all but some of these situations could definitely be legitimate mistakes and they’re doing their best to correct them. Not everybody is out to scam you.

Agreed. I think people can get a little too cynical with eBay. Which I get with all the noise/drama in the hobby. In reality 9 out of 10 ebay sellers aren’t just trying to scam people

You’re right. I think I was in this negative mindset even before they shipped, thinking that they weren’t going to honor the sale, because I’ve read too many instances of preorders getting cancelled and having been personally burned in the past. I let my emotions get the best of me instead of giving this reputable seller the benefit of the doubt. Curious to see how it all plays out though. Cheers.