-=E4 Signature Exchange=- Results Thread

Results for all the E4 lurkers and those who couldn’t participate this year:

  • original thread: -=The E4 Signature Exchange=-
  • E4 Signature Exchange 2023 was a huge success! :partying_face:
  • Total of 37 E4 Members participate in the fundraiser, resulting in 1,480 cards being signed and distributed all over the world!
  • In addition, $700 was raised for the continued financial support of E4, which covers almost 1 Year of server payments! Way to go guys! :dizzy:
  • Sadly, we had 1 package’s cards stolen :pensive:. In our planning phase, we had already thought this possibility through and asked for extra signatures in advance from everyone. After we were notified of the stolen cards, we dispatched another set of signature cards to said individual. :package:

For those wanting to see some of the awesome signature cards, see this video I put together about the event!

Hope to see some new usernames next year to join in on the fun!

Click to show

I did not record a video but I did take photos (above) of the cards sent to me.


Huge thanks to @Slade and @pfm for making this happen! Honored for my terrible doodles to lead the video and sorry for the tape. :laughing: Can’t wait to see what I got later today!


Was a really fun package to open, and great fun to be involved in the sig exchange. Hopefully we can do it again sometime!


The amount of time you mention sleeving them only for me to like unsleeve half of them :laughing:


This was so cool, I really wish I would have participated. Hopefully there’s a next time! @cyberurchin your sketches are wicked!


@cyberurchin didn’t have to go that hard, looks like i need to work on my sketch game :laughing:


This was a lot of fun! Hopefully we can make it an annual thing!


Thanks for organising this @pfm and @Slade! This one from @lyleberr is my favourite. I was so confused until I looked at the back of the card!


As you’ll see in Slade’s video I went full art school and ordered a custom silkscreen, made autograph stickers, and used multiple markers and printmaking techniques on my cards - was a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Here are my pulls, thanks again for organizing!


I really wanted to so why not? Haha thank you much. Which one did you get of mine?


Thank you kindly! I’m glad to see you enjoyed my stuff. It was fun making them all!


This was a lot of fun! Here are my autos I received


Shiny Girafarig!


I didn’t even realize! Sweet!

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Damn I’m bummed that i missed out on this.


I have been waiting for the reveal since we sent them off. First let me apologize for my absurd signature card, let me explain it. Jump to the end to just see what signature cards I got.

I had wanted something deck related which I feel is what my niche is here on E4, so I had to get a deck exclusive card for it, the professors research nonholo deck exclusive version. It took 3 orders to get the correct card versions which seriously put me into a time crunch. I also like a challenging unique project so I came up with the idea to make a full deck in a single card and use a shredder on a historically playable/recognizable deck then attach all the shredded pieces to the back of the deck exclusive card so each card would have a full deck worth of pieces on it. Of course I chose one of the strongest known early competitive decks, Haymaker, to replicate. I calculated out the amount of shreds Id get using my shredder per card, adjusted that against the amount of trainers/energies/pokemon cards in the deck to make sure that the ratios were correct in comparison to an actual deck, and dug around my personal collection for the corresponding WOTC cards to make it an authentic deck.
I started with shredding the energies and found out after that the shredder bends and kinks the shreds too much to make it usable for all the cards, so I then began the arduous process of cutting up cards into shreds by hand. I wore out several pairs of scissors, exacto knives, and other cutting tools doing this. Once that was done, I only had about 2-3 days to get everything glued and shipped out to @Slade before the cutoff. I began counting out the amounts of pieces I needed for each card and tried to assemblyline glue them but that didnt work and had to do each individually. About 15 cards in, my eyes began to cross and I also began to stress about the amount of shreds I had left to do versus the amount of time it was taking so I dropped the exact correct ratio in hopes it would speed up the process. The shreds were not as uniform as I wanted since they now were handcut so the positioning was also adjusted overtime.

At my fastest, gluing took 15min per card but average was about 22min not including dry time or any other portions of preparation. I then went through and signed everything and tried to make each card uniquely signed but again 40 different things to write is a lot in a time crunch so there area few that got repeated near the end. As you can imagine, gluing 2400 small pieces of cards with tweezers for hours at a time may lead to some anomalies. There are several errors as I went where I accidentally added a 61st piece (looks like @eMcP got one) and I think one where I did 59, apologies for that. Hope you enjoy the uniqueness of every card… or burn it as the frankensteined monstrosity that it is.

Here is what my set up looked like as I glued and moved pieces into place.

And here is my set up now as I have kept the remaining pieces for months only to have an unfortunate mishap as I was writing this.

Cheers E4, the months long wait and tiring process of making this happen is over for 2023. Thank you everyone for your signatures and time spent with a special thank you @Slade and @pfm for assisting so much.

Theyre all great but @mannynotfound, I appreciate the porygon sleeve with it.


Just reading this stresses me out. Well done! :exploding_head:


Its wouldnt have been bad if the companies from tcgplayer had shipped the right cards the first time. After waiting for a second order to come and then a third order once the second was wrong again, I was way behind… and I didnt expect to spend 20hrs on it. Good news is I have plenty of remaining professor research (rowan and magnolia) from all the incorrect orders and because I had to scramble with other sellers to make sure I had them in time.


this was really fun, guys! i’m happy i got to be involved in such an important moment for E4! i’ll post my pulls and stuff later. i also made a few “extra copies” that were meant to be fun lil extra rare cards with pikachu sketches, but i feel like i gave unclear guidance on what to do with them, so im not really sure if/ where they ended up going :sweat_smile: either way, i really enjoyed making them and being involved! cheers guys :smile:


Your hard work was really appreciated over here! I love that you did this!