-=The E4 Signature Exchange=-

Hello E4,

This thread is the beginning of The E4 Signature Exchange.
Like a great deal of people here, I am excited to be apart of this event for the community and a way for us to support this amazing source of Pokemon knowledge which is E4.
We would like to get a feel on how many people are interested in this Fundraiser Event. Before filling out the survey below, I want to lay out the rules, expectations, and goals of The E4 Signature Exchange.

If you choose to participate in The E4 Signature Exchange you are expected to:

  • Send $20 USD to @smpratte Via Paypal ($20 F+F) or ($21 G+S) for participation
  • Provide the # of signed Pokemon cards for each E4 participant + 3 Extra
  • Pay for shipping to an address provided via DM
  • Ship the cards and provide tracking information by a future specified date

-=DO NOT=-

  • share personal information from any E4 member (addresses, phone #'s, etc)
  • sell any E4 Member’s Signatures without consent

Doing either of these things will get you banned from participation in any future E4 event

-=Participation Requirements=-

  • Have at minimum of 15 days visited to E4


  • You are responsible for sending 1 Package to an address when specified. This package will include all signed of your cards in 1 box.

If you understand and agree with everything stated above, please fill out the poll below:

Do you want to participate in The E4 Signature Exchange Event?

  • I would like to Participate

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Where do you Live?

  • I live IN the USA
  • I live OUTSIDE the USA

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I agree to donate to E4 to participate

  • I Understand

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So just a clarifying question, how many cards are we expected to send out and how many are we receiving in exchange? Will they be a variety of signatures from people that we are receiving?

“Provide the # of signed Pokemon cards for each E4 participant + 3 Extra”

So if 100 people sign up, you need to provide 103 cards.


I don’t expect 100 people. There’s a good chance that the number of participants will be capped because the scale of the task grows exponentially.

20 people = 400 cards total
50 people = 2500 cards total
100 people = 10000 cards total!


Excited to see how this turns out! I hope I have enough of the card I have in mind

I imagine if I received 100 boxes to sort through 100,000 cards… I don’t think I would make it :skull:


My wallet after buying 103 Ampharos cards:



Whether 25 or 105, looks like I need to buy some singles.
OR are we just signing anything that’s remotely appropriate for our persona?

New fourum topic appears:

Mass buyouts of lower-cost cards. What’s causing it?!



All you bro! :wink:

This will be a fun mystery for the non-e4 collecting community to try and solve haha. I was planning on buying a ton of one card to sign for everybody in this case.

Insert “oh man, this is gonna effect the economy meme” :joy:


I’m curious, what is the cheapest single card you could buy in bulk (100+) of?

Edit - energy excluded

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Code cards. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But excluding those as well, probably just any modern single non-holo Common. They’re usually 2c with 20+ bulk in stock for some of the big sellers on CardMarket (excluding shipping though, which might actually add quite a bit for many cards at once).



Even cheaper…expired code cards!

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I have a couple comments. There wont be a method for determining who needs whos signature i suppose, you just get everyone who is participating? I dont know how i feel about the unnecessary work and postage it would be for me to pick up doubles, but if pfm is willing to work with me i can tell him who i need from the participating list, but that might also end up being more work for him. I guess its a consideration to be had. Also, seeing as the money is going to @smpratte I think his participation should be mandatory too… i need his sig :sweat_smile:.


For the record, there’s no requirement that all cards are identical. I think it’s up to each user how they want to sign and which cards they will sign

That being said its not hard to pick up a large number of the same bulk card from troll & toad for example


To reiterate, all the money raised will be going DIRECTLY to E4 and not lining someone’s pockets. The goal is to eventually get to a point where E4 is self-sufficient and can survive on donations/merchandise alone.


Yes yes yes but I need smpratte to participate


I was actually thinking it’d be fun to buy a ton of radiant steelix. :smirk:

But it’s crazy how many ACTUALLY exist! Saw 36 from one seller. 97 from a JP seller. haha. I still don’t think those will go anywhere, but they’re fun cards.


My question is, how much time will we have once the bell rings to buy cards, sign them, and send them in to be sorted?
:scream: :face_with_peeking_eye: