E4 Signature Exchange 2024 - Sign up ends Febuary 4th

Hello E4,
Welcome back to the 2nd year of the E4 Signature Exchange! Last year was a success and I would like to continue this event into the future as long as people are interested! If you are interested in what happened last year, please visit: The Results Thread

This event is designed to be more of an interaction with the E4 community in a broader way by collecting signatures of your fellow members that you may communicate on a daily basis. Not only this, but the event helps raise funds for the continued smooth operation of E4.

Last year we had 37 members participate in the event internationally and locally in the United States. I still flip through the binder of E4 signatures of each and every member. What they did to make their signed card special is what this event is all about: The community. Some drew full card illustrations and some physically cut up a whole deck of cards and glued them to the back of each and every card they signed… @lyleberr
I appreciated all the effort and thought that went into last year’s event.

Here are the cards I received from last year’s event that I continue to look through from time to time!

This event is not a contest, but a coming together as a community having fun collecting and cherishing memories & relationships along with a way to support this wonderful site of E4.

If you choose to participate in the E4 Signature Exchange you are expected to:

  • Send $20-25 USD
  • Provide the # of signed Pokemon cards for each E4 participant + 3 Extra signed cards for precaution of any lost packages.
  • Ship to an address provided at a later date


  • share personal information from any E4 member (addresses, phone #'s, etc)
  • sell any E4 Member’s Signatures without consent

Doing either of these things will get you banned from participation in any future E4 event

Participation Requirements

  • Have at minimum of 30 days visited to E4


  • You are responsible for sending 1 package to an address when specified. This package will include all signed cards in 1 box.

I would like to Participate in the E4 Signature Exchange this year

  • Yes :slight_smile:
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For those wondering “What type of marker/pen do I need for good autos?”
Well @holoshedinja just made this article on just that: This Article


Looking forward to this!


I’m in!


I missed last year’s, so I’m extra excited to participate this time!


I also missed the boat and am happy to participate this year!


Let’s goo! I am so excited for the 2nd edition! Thanks for putting this on @Slade!!!


You have to admit, it was a unique signature card that represents my collection and myself.


crazy that it’s been a year already, i hate time


Excited to join again :grin: it was very fun last year, and kick started my fun adventure of doodling and handing out my signed cards at in-person events!


I remember seeing this last year, but I was probably only active on the forum for less than a month, so I was hesitant to join. Happy to jump in this year though!


Glad I made room for another expansion. IDK if I have room for a third tho… And then there’s the Q of how to organize them. Do I go by set, or by E4 species… Hmm. :thinking:

Thanks for coordinating this again, Slade! (And any others who offer to help package cards.


Just to understand this correctly, we sign a bunch of cards, ship it to one person who then sends a deck of signatures to respective people correct?


I’m in! Last year was fun!


I arranged them in order or E4 joining date. @pfm had provided the list of people and their corresponding E4 joining dates. So I have organized it that way.

Correct. Based on the number of signees, we take that many cards + a few spares, sign the cards and ship it to a central address. The person then makes a deck and returns it to us.



Looking forward to participating :sunglasses:


I would like to participate! So, will I be sending all cards to only one address, right? Thank you!

Didn’t read the other post!


So then, that’s our respective e4dex (pokedex) number? THAT is an ambitious goal. Collect them all and display in order! (Gotta leave those blank spaces to eventually fill for Prof Oak)


I can’t draw and can barely write but at least my incompetence will be spread around to everyone :joy: How cool!

Any suggestion on a specific pen? I’m not sure what the “paint pens” are that seem to look pretty nice.


I think @cyberurchin did a test with a bunch of them and shared which pens worked well with his illustrations!

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