E4 Signature Exchange 2024 Results Thread 📜 ✍️

Hello E4,

Welcome back to another Recap for this year’s E4 Signature Exchange!

You all outdid yourself this year with all the creative beautify designed crafts this year were phenomenal during the E4 Signature Exchange Event 2024! We are truly luck to have such creative minds and artists in this space as there are that devote their time and skills to the community :heart:

For those who don’t know, this year was the second year for the E4 Signature Exchange event to bring together the E4 community as well as at the same time, raise fund for E4 to continue to operate and exist as a free information hub for Pokemon collecting.

Some stats comparing last years event to this year:

  • Increased participation by 32% from last year’s 37 to this years 49 participants.
  • A total of 2,548 cards were signed and sent around the world this year.
  • In addition, $750 was raised for the continued financial support of E4, which covers almost 1 Year of the website’s operational costs! Way to go guys! :dizzy:
  • So far zero (0) packages have been reported missing, lets hope this number doesn’t change…

This year it took a little bit longer for things to roll out due to non-responders for cards as well as shipping issues. Both issues have been improved upon and will continue next year for an even better event!

For those wanting to see some of the awesome signature cards, see this video I put together about the event!

For those people that participated, you can spill the beans :beans: and talk about the awesome cards you have received this year in this thread!

For those who haven’t received their cards yet, this is a :warning: warning :warning: don’t read this thread if you don’t want any spoilers.

Hope to see some new usernames next year to join in on the fun!


Thank you so much! First time participating here!

PS: If you get the gold metapod please let me know! It is a 1/1!!! :slight_smile:


Just finished watching the video, wow that was long! Thank you @Slade and @pfm for your hard work, I’m sure it took a lot of time organizing and shooting the video. Also love the E4 stamp on Indigo so awesome.

Honesty amazing how much time everyone spent collectively buying cards and customizing their signatures and creations. @cyberurchin i can’t believe you drew me a full art Arbok with paint pens, I’m honestly blown away, it looks so amazing. @lyleberr you’re an absolute nut case and I love it! These stamps are so awesome, I’m so glad I got the Meowth coin! @smpratte appreciate your time and effort. I know its especially valuable to you and I was happy to see your signature included.

To everyone else, bravo! Really appreciate every card. Truly. So thankful to have been a part of this event and part of E4.

P.S. If you see your signatures listed on eBay for sale, it wasn’t me.


This is such a cool event and recap! I’m sad I missed the last one but now I am more motivated than ever to join the next one if I can!

On another note, @cyberurchin are you taking commissions? Asking for a friend :sweat_smile: your artworks are incredible!


This was so much fun to participate in! Some real bangers were created and I was lucky enough to receive a few! I’ll post more about what was in my box a little later.

Here’s some still images of the cards I sent. I’m not a creative person so coming up with ideas that I could actually execute was tough and I think the quality of the cards I did was pretty inconsistent, so for next year I might focus on some ideas that I like better and do duplicates rather than trying to make each one unique. Still, first time in my life I’ve done something like this and it was a ton of fun! Thanks @Slade and @pfm !


What pens did you use again?

Posca water-based paint markers. I had I guess the normal primary colors in 0.9-1.3mm and 1.8-2.5mm sizes.


I did get a 1/1 @A.P.Speeze special. Can’t wait to share


I sure am! Glad you enjoy my work! DM me if you’re interested in having me make something :wink:


Haah i knew it! Samesies! Posca ftw!
Your art looks amazing, cant wait to see what i will get!


Not buying that you’re not creative. Your cards were really simple but had so much pop to them. I got your Sableye! I also especially liked your farfetched rainbow design and Doduo and Omanyte. Really simple but unique and effective designs all round.


Very cool video, it was nice seeing everyone’s cards as a series. Lots of creativity. I also took a scan of my cards before I sent them out. Next year I might want to try paint markers. I saw quite a few people using them to great effect.

I used a different Pokemon for each of mine. Some I tried to experiment on, like giving them little outfits. The Forretress was my favorite :slight_smile:

Shouldout to cyberurchin for correctly deducing from my profile pic that my favorite Pokemon is Bulbasaur, love it. :sweat_smile:

I liked this Delibird too!


I stopped my day to watch the recap as soon as it was posted and then didnt have time to post. @slade you did a great job at showing off the cards this year! Nice video production as well. You even got closer to saying my name right :laughing:. I find it amazing (in a good way) how you trip over the names and descriptions because its something I never really thought about struggling with even though I totally would and your willingness to do it and keep going is amazing. Thanks again to you and pfm for making all this happen.

Im going to update this with details and photos once I get a chance to take photos of the cards I got but for now, thank you everyone! The cards are amazing this year. Everyone sharing information about the best pens for signatures and paint pens seems to have really been a game changer this year. Thank you to all the artists who went all out with their cards, special thanks to @cyberurchin for making such amazing personalized cards and everyone else who added a personal touch to the cards. I know from last year how much time it can take to add different writings to each card, so its much appreciated.

This year I decided to sum up my year on e4 as being a crafty year so I decided to do something outside the box to represent that for the signature exchange… apologies to slade and pfm who had to deal with shipping my unconventionalism. I’ll update this with a post showing the process of what was done to make them but for now, I’ll summarize it. On a nonholo deck exclusive professors research (unsurprising choice, I know), I used ptcg flip coins to stamp custom wax seals adhered to the card. The process took some trial and error but made each one unique since it also used colored wax that is themed with the pokemon on the coin. I also then had a stamp custom made for my signature and added that with wax in a
mix of e4’s signature colors. In case it was a bit blurry it should read “efour signature series” followed by my profile picture and my signature. I had tons of fun with it this year and hope everyone enjoys what they got, no guarantees for being more conventional next exchange but I’ll wait for inspiration to see what happens.

I again forgot to take photos of the finalized cards but here is a couple photos showing all of the designs before placing finishing their detail highlighting and adding the signature seal. I hope everyone still adds photos of what they received if they can.

There also was a bonus 15 surprises that were randomly assigned (and 2 for the organizers) if anyone wants to share anything else about where these bonuses showed up, they are welcome to post to this topic @Rattlesnake. These have nothing to do with the signature exchange and were an unplanned surprise for everyone.


The only yap session that I’ll truly read.




It never gets shorter even though I try to be brief :sweat_smile:, but I would suggest not skimming posts too much because a lot on this forum put effort into what they write and say some pretty interesting things. @brendantheclayboy is one who always has amazing comments with great insight, although they can be daunting at first sight.




Lol, glad someone appreciates my struggles :joy:

Words are hard


I think I did 5 total 1/1 cards. Oddly enough I also got an @A.P.Speeze 1/1, lol.


I wanted to start off by saying how much fun this was to do. I originally was just going to sign a bunch of Greninja and that was going to be the end of it. But after everyone else’s enthusiasm I felt like that wouldn’t be enough. Especially since I have pretty poor art skills, I knew id have to try and think up something creative that I couls pull off.

So, after some brainstorming I came up with another idea, To create a mini Kalos only set! After going though all of my extra bulk cards and picking out all of the Kalos pokemon I could fine, I then set about organizing them all into a 50 card set inccluding 3 SRs to fit in with the amount of cards and extras required. I made sure I had them all laid out in sequence with how a set is constructed, with evolutions and types in the right spots. I had to add a few extra Greninja in there mainly because its what I’m known for. But at one point I did only have the two different typed ones, Water and Dark.

For the SRs, the original thought was to make them a EX, GX, V, and ex for the different types of cards its been. But I then thought of using the Japanese version from Night Unison as one like the bilingual Exeggutor was added in Evolutions. Finally landing on Greninja V as a sort of Full Art without having to source the Greninja EX Full Art from Forbidden Light, and Ash-Greninja EX as a higher rarity. So whomever got Ash-Greninja, congrats!

Now for what I recieved! I absolutely loved them all! Each and every one of them. I’ll be putting them all in a binder once I can figure out how to get @lyleberr’s into it! Special shoutout to @shinyumbreon, I literally gasped when I saw your card. I also somehow got one of my own SRs. Thank you everyone for the great cards, I’ll treasure them always.

Extra special thanks to @cyberurchin for the personalized card, it looks amazing!