E4 Secret Santa 2023

Art by: @HumanForScale

Hello and Welcome to E4’s Tenth Annual Secret Santa! :santa:

10 years of Secret Santa, and it keeps getting better each year! This is a site-wide favorite that I know a lot of people look forward to. Every year we have surprises, triumphs, and a whole heck of a lot of community bonding. Let’s all work together to make this year another success!

Read the Rules First! There are some IMPORTANT CHANGES from previous years, so read the post in full!

Participation Requirements:

In order to participate you must:

:white_check_mark: Have achieved a trust level of “Ace” (this can be checked by visiting your profile, clicking the “expand” button and verifying that your trust level reads either Ace or Leader).

:white_check_mark: Have NOT failed to send in a prior Secret Santa event (We have a list and we are checking it twice)

Santa Schedule:

  • Registration will be open until November 10th at 11:59PM ET.
  • Participants have six weeks to come up with their gifts. All gifts MUST be shipped with tracking by December 23rd, 2023. Contact @fourthstartcg if there are extenuating circumstances.

Gift and Shipping Rules:

  • IMPORTANT! The value floor is $50 USD for this year. Gifts must be at least this much, but we will not stop those who feel like exceeding that value. Having a minimum value helps everyone feel they are getting out of it what they put into it. It sucks to send a $50 gift and get Rebel Clash bulk in return. Be considerate. If you have to research if your gift makes the threshold, it doesn’t make the threshold.
  • Providing tracking is required. You HAVE to give me a valid tracking number or it will be counted as delinquency.
  • No custom or other fake cards. All Pokemon products must be official Pokemon products.
  • Alters or artsy cards can be included but should not be factored into the value.
  • No cards at below excellent condition unless they fit both the wants of the recipient and obviously exceed $50 in themselves (not tons of bad cards factored at bulk value).
  • All members must include a drawing of a Pokémon with their gift. This is not optional. It’s a blast. I don’t care if you’re bad. Don’t be a baby.

Gift Receiving and Additional Rules:

  • NEW RULE: YOU MUST POST A PICTURE OF YOUR GIFT IN THE E4 SECRET SANTA PICTURE THREAD AND THANK YOUR SECRET SANTA. It’s disheartening to put a lot of effort into a Secret Santa gift and not even know if it was appreciated.
  • If anyone is caught scamming through this event, they will be permanently banned immediately.

International Shipping Procedure:

E4 Secret Santa is open to all participants from around the world who meet the requirements. The staff team will do their best to match Secret Santa members of the same continental area (e.g. EU, North America, Oceania, etc.) together to reduce shipping time and reduce the possibility of customs fees. THIS IS NOT A PROMISE. You may get matched up with someone outside of your country/continent and must be prepared to pay for international tracked shipping in order to join.


If you are shipping internationally, declare your package as a gift with a low value (we recommend $10) and declare as “children’s playing card lot.” It sucks to get a Secret Santa gift and then have to pay customs fees to receive it.

When you provide your information upon registration, you will have the opportunity to alert us to any specific customs requirements in your country (e.g. having to declare a gift before it arrives and needing tracking info). You are responsible for knowing your own country’s customs rules and alerting us to them.

Additional Housekeeping and Tips:

Early shipping of gifts is encouraged where possible. Holiday shipping is highly unpredictable. We usually have gifts arriving until late January. Play it smart and ship with private couriers if you can afford to (FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.)

Before deciding on a gift look at last year’s photo thread E4 Secret Santa 2022 [PICTURE THREAD]. You can see how well different gifts were received and possibly get ideas of your own.

Gifts can get lost in the mail, especially with the current shipping issues. Unfortunately if a gift is lost in the mail, we cannot arrange backup or replacement gifts.

Most importantly,

A good gift isn’t about value, it’s about tailoring it to the recipient. You will have some basic info, but look through their collection thread, Instagram, etc. and see what they’re interested in. A $50 gift that shows real attention to the person’s favorite Pokemon and collection interests is always better received than $100 off the modern shelf at Walmart.

How to participate:

  • Fill out the registration form HERE.
  • Post in this thread that you have registered.
  • When you receive your assignment, begin shopping around ASAP.
  • Ship with tracking to the address provided by December 23rd.
  • When your gift arrives, post it in the E4 Secret Santa 2023 [PICTURE THREAD].


Once you fill out the form and post in the thread, your username will be listed below to confirm your registration. I will update these in batches, so if you don’t see your name immediately, don’t worry. However, if you believe you registered but don’t see your name tagged, reach out to me.



ye alright




Just registered! Tis the season everyone!


This is more fun every year. I entered and am so looking forward to making a great gift!!

Thanks for organising again!


Thanks a lot for organizing. Looking forward.



This is my first time registering. Should be fun even though i cant draw AT ALL


Was a blast last year so registered!


I’m in.
im in


Count me in.

Will have fun shopping in Japan for the gift~



Sorry read it wrong.

Count me in! This is amazing!


Rookie < Trainer < Ace < Leader


we are so back


Thank you! I’m in! Just signed up!


Signed up


I registered. Enjoyed this last year.


Just registered! 10th time in a row, hopefully it’s great event just like previous ones. :slight_smile:

Btw. @milhouse weren’t you ( or @churlocker ) the host for first Secret Santa back in 2014? For last couple weeks I’ve tried to remember how many people participated original one and I always end up thinking number 22.


Form submitted :slight_smile: Thank you mods for continuing this awesome event.


Best time of the year! I’m all signed up :christmas_tree::santa:t4: