E4 Secret Santa 2022 [PICTURE THREAD]

This is the official thread for all pictures of Secret Santa gifts received!
All official announcements will continue to be posted in the main thread, so keep an eye on that.


  • This thread is for positivity only.
  • Don’t post real names/addresses. Anything else from the gift is fair game.
  • Unboxing videos, photos, descriptions, etc. are all appropriate ways to share. If you are unsure about your post, ask first!
  • Seriously, don’t complain. It ruins things and hurts feelings and makes you look bad and stuff. If you have an issue with your gift or you believe your sender did not meet the value threshold, pm me.
  • If a user did not specifically include their name on the gift, try to respect their anonymity. Don’t harass anyone about whether or not they are your Secret Santa. They can come out on their own if they so desire.

Disparaging your gift in any way will not be tolerated. If you complain in this thread about your gift or say crap like “I wish I got that gift instead of mine,” I am auto-banning you for 30 days. This is a time to build others up and do something selfless.

Have fun :heart_eyes:


Thank you to my secret Santa this year! This was a very thoughtful gift filled with my favorite things!


You animals are opening these before xmas?!


I actually thought it was an eBay purchase until I opened it up and was so confused at first.


That’s a peak performance Pikachu right there


I just finished individually wrapping all of my Secret Santa gifts fearing the person I bought for would do this. Just to be safe, I’ll print a couple of E4 logos out and put them on the sides.


It’s an alt art pikachu!


That is what happens with me every year lol


It’s going to be so hard waiting until Christmas to open this. :face_holding_back_tears:


WOW! A huge thank you to Alex H. or kazambolt! So I got my gift. and i find a jumbo pikachu card and hikozaru chimchar tin w card.

Then i find an awesome stack of cards including some Cardass cards!! I only had sandslash and gengar previously so these are all great additions! And I found the autographed card, sleeves, a beautiful FA lilligant!, and a cute mew drawing!

Then I find an astral Radiance prerelease kit. And out of 4 packs pulled 1 reverse holo rare, 1 holo rare , plus my 1st dialga Vstar!! This was all great gifts and plenty already, but there was 1 more thing! :astonished::exploding_head: An entire Silver Tempest Booster Box!!! BINX became paralyzed!!!

Thank you so much! I had only opened 5 of the Silver Tempest packs before this gift, and this is amazing!!! I will open 1 pack per day and make it last! in the first 3 packs I pulled this beauty!

Merry Christmas and thank you so much @kazambolt !


I got my package today! It was from @Wombo!

Definitely was not expecting the figurine! Thank you so much! Always a blast to open packs, too. Pulled out a Jolteon TG. :smiley:


Happy to hear it made it to you, glad you enjoyed it!


@jaxlax21 THANK YOU Jaxlax for the Nishida (and more) care package! With these I’m going to officially start my Nishida binder!

Literally felt like a kid again opening this package. Shoutout @fourthstartcg and the E4 chieftains for cultivating such a heartwarming environment and making Secret Santa happen.


I’m glad you loved it! I found a lot of great art by Nishida while doing all the research, one day I’ll get a copy of __'s Mew! Had to share some of the Greninja love as well.

Thought I got just about everything on your list!


That Players Club Promo Mew is 100% on my list – thank you again, for everything you included! Excellent card and drawings btw. 10/10


Really hope they came off as cursed a drawing as I felt making it!!


Looks like im one of the earlier ones this year! Got a big mix of stuff, but my favorites have to be the plush and the japanese minun and plusle!

Ive never opened yugioh, so that was a fun experience! Its crazy how skinny yugioh cards are compared to pokemon. I pulled a holo too which was nice

My person also got me some slabs! I have a japanese (wozzie, gen 1) holo set going so these can help me with that once i crack them! I never had the salamence holo as a kid so im going to add that to my binder as well

Here are the highlights:

Thank you!


This plush is beyond adorable! :heart_eyes_cat:


I see your pictures and raise you a pretty bad but not terribly filmed video of my secret santa opening, thank you so much @cardstockpile. E4 secret santa is always one of my favourite things every year, with this year being no exception, it was an incredible pile of gifts and i would hope everyone is so lucky to have their santa spoil them like mine did :sob::innocent::sob::innocent: E4 2022 Secret Santa From cardstockpile - parkermrparker Elite Fourum Pokemon - YouTube


Glad you liked them - was fun putting it all together! Merry Christmas all!