E4 Secret Santa 2022 [PICTURE THREAD]

This is the official thread for all pictures of Secret Santa gifts received!
All official announcements will continue to be posted in the main thread, so keep an eye on that.


  • This thread is for positivity only.
  • Don’t post real names/addresses. Anything else from the gift is fair game.
  • Unboxing videos, photos, descriptions, etc. are all appropriate ways to share. If you are unsure about your post, ask first!
  • Seriously, don’t complain. It ruins things and hurts feelings and makes you look bad and stuff. If you have an issue with your gift or you believe your sender did not meet the value threshold, pm me.
  • If a user did not specifically include their name on the gift, try to respect their anonymity. Don’t harass anyone about whether or not they are your Secret Santa. They can come out on their own if they so desire.

Disparaging your gift in any way will not be tolerated. If you complain in this thread about your gift or say crap like “I wish I got that gift instead of mine,” I am auto-banning you for 30 days. This is a time to build others up and do something selfless.

Have fun :heart_eyes:


Thank you to my secret Santa this year! This was a very thoughtful gift filled with my favorite things!


You animals are opening these before xmas?!


I actually thought it was an eBay purchase until I opened it up and was so confused at first.


That’s a peak performance Pikachu right there


I just finished individually wrapping all of my Secret Santa gifts fearing the person I bought for would do this. Just to be safe, I’ll print a couple of E4 logos out and put them on the sides.


It’s an alt art pikachu!