Does anybody collect One Piece cards?

I collect Simplified Chinese One Piece cards!


Wow I checked your instagram and saw you have a serialized Luffy! Those manga rares are spicy as well!

Where do you buy the simplified Chinese One Piece cards? I haven’t seen any for sale besides the Chinese New Year Luffy promos on ebay. Do you know how popular these cards are in the region? Is there a good place to buy simplified Chinese singles (I mainly want to see if I could buy some of the parallels and manga rares for less than the en/jpn versions). Are there any other Chinese exclusives beside the Chinese New Year one?

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The Simplified Chinese version of OnePiece is only available in mainland China. I bought it from my Chinese middleman and the price was much cheaper than Jp/Eng. There are currently no other unique promos, but I could be wrong.

Yes!! I really wanted a romance dawn booster box but they were too expensive :cry:

I plan to pick up some more promos and probably build set binders as well. I also would really like to play!

I started reading One Piece in January and so far its been great. The world of one piece is incredible. Only on volume 63 currently, had to take a break after blasting through like 20 volumes in a few days lol


That gift set is awesome. I really like the first appearance panel in the background for each crewmate. I gotta pick up the Nami as a single. I came into One Piece too late to grab the box at retail.


I also think this nami card is so cool, the art style is so interesting and different


Admittedly I haven’t had much interest in One Piece, but seeing these sowsow arts has me reconsidering! These are great!

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