Can't decide if I should collect again

I really want to get into collecting pokemon cards again. I remember how fun it was as a kid. Nothing was more exciting than opening a new pack of cards. I’ve been thinking about it constantly over the past week… one night I spent literally 4 hours trying to look for the best/cheapest sites to order from, and had been only 1 click away from confirming my order multiple times, but I just couldn’t get myself to do it. The thing that’s stopping me is how ridiculously expensive it is.

Again, it’s something I really wanna get into again, but as someone who usually spends all of his spare time on video games, I find that buying a booster box (the cheapest I can find in Canada is $135 after tax and shipping) for a maximum of a couple hours of entertainment (opening, sorting, putting into binder/sleeves) just seems like a huge waste of money. Most brand new full priced games ($80 in Canada) will easily last me well over 15 hours.

If I had friends that were interested in collecting too, then it might be easier for me to decide, but I don’t. I tried my best to think of some other pros other than just wanting to do it for fun, and I thought of a couple things.

  1. A possible small investment. Do you guys think of pokemon cards as a small investment? enjoy collecting now, maybe save and sell your rares or complete sets in the future when/if you get bored with collecting or whatever other reason.

  2. Once I accumulate enough cards, I could start selling the ones that I don’t want to help pay for this expensive hobby

I’m still unsure though… Any other good ways of looking at this?

theres definitely money to be made from smart buying/investing.

if $130 is too much for you, take it slow, buy a booster pack every now and then, you dont have to go from 0 - 100, ease into it

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Have you considered Japanese cards?

They are not legal for play outside of Japan, but I recommend them if you are keen on inexpensive, high quality, all-around highly collectible cards. New boxes come with 20 packs at the price of ~$30 USD, without so many duplicates. Older boxes can be difficult to source if you get really into it.

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This actually sounds interesting. Do the japanese cards look the exact same as english, with the obvious exception of the japanese writing? I’ve never considered collecting them, but if the art is the same and the price is that low, I might give it a shot.

edit: There is a Korean Wild Blaze (flashfire) booster box with 3 packs (5 cards each) for only 22$ on amazon. is korean even cheaper than japanese?

I recommend Japanese, too. You can compare the same set in English and Japanese with these links.

The Japanese is more satisfying than Korean.

And if you need friends who collect too, you’ve come to the right place!

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Why is japanese more satisfying than korean? do the cards feel different or are they a different size or something?
I compared a mega charizard on google and they look the same.

btw guys, thanks for the quick and helpful responses :blush: I will definitely go with the japanese cards since I can still get the thrill of opening packs with them, but for a lot cheaper. however, I would like to go cheaper if possible, so could someone please explain what the difference between korean and japanese cards are? I’m guessing a lot of people prefer japanese over korean since korean is like 10$ cheaper for 1.5x the amount of cards.

Better pulls with Japanese, and easier to complete. About half the people here are Japanese collectors, I might be the only Korean collector here.

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ah, ok. is the quality of the cards at least the same?

No, Japanese is better quality.

Japanese also have expensive and highly prized promos that no other language has, its nice to have a pipe dream when collecting, if its too easy to complete your collection youll lose interest fast

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ok, well maybe I’ll just go with japanese for now, and maybe buy 1 korean pack just to see what they’re like. Even though the packs only come with 5 cards, are you still guaranteed 1 rare with the small chance of a 2nd one like in the english packs?

No, I have opened 8 Korean XY2 boxes and still short of a normal set. Averaging 5.5 holos & EX per box. On Japanese XY6 I averaged 10 holos, EX, & FA per box.

Might be harder than I thought to get japanese cards. A lot of choices saying they won’t ship to my area on amazon :confused:

I would recommend finding a budget that works to you and trying to stick to it. If you have other things you need to be saving for, sleep on it a few days to make sure this isn’t a passing interest. This hobby can get expensive very quickly, especially if you’re a completionist (most collectors are).

It’s possible to make money on cards but it can take hours of searching and researching and dealing with people. If you enjoy it though then that’s all that matters!

I’ve slept on it for about a week now :stuck_out_tongue: I actually can afford to get an english booster box once a month, but I just think the price for them is ludacris, and would rather not spend that kind of money on cards. Japanese cards are reasonably priced, but seems like they’re gonna take at least a month to reach me if I do buy them ._.

in this hobby, patience is very important, buying online from within your country and even over seas is the norm, and that means waiting

If it makes you feel any better, Pokemon is an inexpensive hobby when compared to other trading card hobbies.

Where are you located that it will take a month for a box to arrive?

really? on most sites I went to it’s the most expensive. I considered trying yugioh since it was cheaper, but I decided it didn’t really interest me.

and I live in ontario, canada.

anyways, I’m gonna head to bed. Guess I’ll sleep on it a bit more.

Use AmiAmi for new, much cheaper. Some members here sell.