Yu-Gi-Oh and Other Chase Cards

I have been learning a bit about Yu-Gi-Oh on the side for fun. I know that most Yu-Gi-Oh card collectors try to pick up Blue Eyes White Dragons, Dark Magicians and Dark Magician Girl card, but I was wondering if there were other super popular/sought after cards. What cards in this TCG are you after? Which ones do you think are the big chase cards? Do you have other personal favorites!It would be great to see what people get excited about in this hobby!
@quuador suggested that we extend my questions to all other types of cards members collect! What other cards do you like to collect and what are their chase cards? What are your favorite cards from other franchises?


I love the Booster and Volume cards that are exclusive to Japanese! Some of my favorites are little ghouls (e.g., Phantom D’Juan or Shadow That Controlleth Darkness) or unedited females. The Ultra-Secrets are also sweet!

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You could go with Gaia the Dragon Champion, Summoned Skull, Exodia, Curse of Dragon, Red eyes B. Dragon. Those are some popular monsters. Would encourage you to look into the ocg as well, that’s where the good stuff is. Don-t fall in the tcg trap as all the new cross collectors.

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I became very interested in Yugioh a few months ago, a bit too interested for my buget actually. I’m only care for the original 11 sets, but I immediately knew there were way too many cards I want that I could never acquire while still maintaining my Pokemon habit. So I made myself a spreadsheet with priorities. Luckily I was already able to pull the trigger on my top 2 cards:

I might be the minority, but for me playability is a big factor for desirability of Yugioh cards. I chose these two for their historic impact on the TCG. Together they were so insanely OP that the first banlist was basically specifically created for them. There were only restricted cards before, no completely banned ones. Playing these cards right could prevent your opponent from drawing cards entirely (look up ‘Yata Lock’ on youtube if you want to know more).

Second priority is a 1st Ed. Jinzo PSV-000 PSA 9, because it was also a powerhouse back in the day and will nicely display with these two other Secret Rares. I’ll snag one up once I find a reasonable offer in Europe.

After that, somewhere down the line, I want the other two Chaos Monsters from IOC, a Buster Blader, Imperial Order and a Serpent Night Dragon (the last one is a baad monster but looks epic).


For English non-misprinted TCG, this quote by @budget is pretty accurate:

OCG is another ting entirely though, as already mentioned by @papafrankgod above.

And misprinted cards are even another thing. The TP2 Morphing Jar (also mentioned in the quote above) has a Jinzo holofoil error for example. I’ve seen two sales recently for 2.5k and 3k USD respectively, and I saw someone looking for one today for 4k USD.

I also recently bought a pretty modern misprint myself for 2k USD (COTD Prismatic Rare error - nfortunately no picture yet, since it’s still incoming). Misprints can go pretty high for popular ones.


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I played competitively when I was younger around 2010-2015, and still collect now! A very popular archetype in Yugioh that is great and fun to collect are the Hero cards! They used to be a very competitive deck and still are solid today (but need more support to be top tier). Their card arts are AMAZING IMO, I have a few playsets of the ultimate artworks of cards like Stratos, Alius, Diamond Dude etc. Check the Hero cards out and lmk what you think! They are set cards btw.

I collect cards that were in the original show and cards that came out when i played competitively from 2011-2016. I prefer original printings of cards so for many i’d rather the original common/rare than the newish ultra/super from reprint sets like legendary collection. I also just like having cards that are generally good or were at one point. For me, playability takes priority over artwork in yugioh as someone who played competitively for a while. Nothing beats dark magician and blue eyes tho. And if you couldnt tell already, Rescue Rabbit is my all-time favorite card. Pulled it sneak peak weekend and was hooked on it ever since.

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I used to collect Ghost Rares, but I’m in the process of selling the majority of that off since I’ve had a change in goals. The chase cards for Ghost Rares would definitely be Stardust Dragon (TDGS) and Black Rose Dragon (CSOC). Honest (LODT) and Rainbow Dragon (TAEV) comes next.

There’s also the 3 god cards (silver version aka secret rare, GBI) that look very nice.

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Do you have any pictures you could share? It would be great to see what they look like or some favorites from your collection.

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I did not even know your profile pic was of a Yu-Gi-Oh monster. That’s so cool!

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All tournament prize packs have become decent for chase cards. Every holo from TP through TU has value and the ulti’s in AP and OTS are nice.

The WP11 supers are beautiful.

And then of course prize cards are there and are chased by many.

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Thanks! This little bunny packs a punch. Was arguably the most powerful monster in the meta game for roughly a year a half. It’s one of those things where if you don’t know what it looks like then the pic doesnt mean anything to you.

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Only talking about set cards in that post.

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Is there any faq anywhere about rare non set cards? Like some of the promos and bandais etc

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Yes, will do! Does anyone know how to post a direct link from Imgur?

When you say non set cards do you mean cards that aren’t in main release sets (I consider cards from tournament packs and such still set cards since there is a set that they come from) or cards that were just released on their own like prize cards?

Yep like jump festas, Tokyo dome, bandais, book promos, prizes etc

Gotcha. Never been a fan of the japanese cards so cant help you there but the manga promos are real easy to find.

the 5ds list is at the bottom of the page in association with each volume and the same can be found for the other series (original, gx, zexal) just use the search bar and they should pop up.

Yeah thanks. I’ve read quite a bit of the wikis but there’s nothing like the “Pokemon Bible” that tells us the counts of some of the rarer cards lol


Chase cards imo are:

SJC, LOB 1st, Secrets, Ghost rares, ulti E-Heros (and cybers, sacred beasts, destiny)

Edit: for modern those new secrets that go all the way across the whole card.