Ditto Colorbar "Miscut" HAND CUT card Scammer: dnkk2007


Just in case it wasn’t obvious, the card is hand cut. DON’T BID if you are seeking to purchase a legit error card. There are plenty of other legit (factory) error cards out there that can be purchased from trustworthy sellers.

*UPDATE 3/31: Added photos of the hand cut ditto card and the sheet it was cut from for archive.

The sheet that was purchased by dnkkk2007 on Feb 13th before it was cut. Credit to @tony for establishing this connection.


@jkanly Good looking out. Sad when you see people doing this and feigning ignorance.

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How did you know this was hand-cut?

I can’t say 100% but based on his auction history it would certainly indicate there could be something fishy going on.

The main indicator that I see is that the corners are aligned and cut at the edge of the sheet. Basically indicating that the card was cut perfectly aligned with the edge of the sheet. Vs other colorbar cards where you can see some of the bar but will never reach the edge of the sheet. Chances of something happening like that listing is… pretty much 0.

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If the wotc cutting machines did this it would have crooked cuts. No way it would be straight if twisted off the sheet pile.

What a shame destroying a very rare sheet,


Yeah, it just seems too convienient that he’s also sold a ton of square cut cards from Base Set and Fossil. You don’t just stumble across a ton of old error cards like that. Lemme call in the miscut master to give his two cents. @regigigagod

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Bingo. I don’t want to give too much information to other forgers, but this type of miscut would never have made it through the cutters like this, period.

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Good point;)

Completely agree with everything that has been said in this thread thus far. At first glance, yes it looks cool and may appear to be legit. But I would not buy it knowing that it’s not an actual factory error. All in addition to seeing his past listings, yeah. Just don’t think you’re getting a “true” error if you win this auction.

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Ebay seller Wolftag1 sold an uncut fossil sheet to dnkk2007, the guy selling the miscut ditto

Here is the original fossil sheet listing: www.ebay.com/itm/252762965725

The feedback he left proves it

I knew it was too good to be true.


Yeah, the picture in that original listing even shows the ditto all the way on the right, and the colorbar lines up perfectly with the ditto in the new auction as well. Those rounded corners are for sure going to fool the buyer :slightly_frowning_face:

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Solely based on my interaction with him, He had a very a disrespectful demeanor for a seller - Then proceeded to keep convincing me it was real. I’ve reported it as

Copyright and trademark > Counterfeit item or authenticity disclaimer > Disclaimers about the authenticity or legality of an Item

Dead giveaways

A. Buyer/Seller feedback between him and original seller clearly showing he bought the sheet.
B. The same side Ditto is on.
C. For F*@#S sake a novice collector can tell that was hand cut by that poor workmanship.


Hi all! Heard some crazy news in the community and thought I would check it out. Whats is going here? That card is really cool and I checked out the listing and from my point of view it seems like you guys are giving a classic card collector a hard time and questioning the integrity of his collection for what reason exactly? Wouldn’t all fossil sheets printed have the same color bar scheme next to it? just saying… Also, I have seen some very aligned error-cuts myself, props to regigigagod for his impressive collection. Either way, fake or not, its still a fossil ditto card. It’s my favorite and it will be mine!

Dude your reporting him? I have money on that card!!! NOT COOL BRO. That’s a Poke-no-no.

welcome to the fourum dnkk2007


I think deceiving collectors is a pretty big Poke-no-no.


I’m having a bad feeling this thing is going to be most overused word here for next week or two. :rofl:


That would be a big poke-yep-yep!