Detective Pikachu, How Does It Make You Feel?

I didn’t see a post discussing this so I had to :blush:

In case anyone missed this:

This forum seems to be full of the older crowd (myself included) so I’m wondering what you guys think of the idea behind Detective Pikachu? Is this for real? If and when it does end up in theaters will you go see it? Do you guys still follow Pokemon films in general?

Yes, this was discussed elsewhere here but I don’t recall where,

I tried searching, couldn’t find anything. Someone can delete this then :blush:

It cant possibly be more cringeworthy than the Pokemon live production from back in the day… can it?


I have no strong feelings one way or the other.


I was happy until I read that it was him voicing Pikachu and not him as a partner or something. If you saw Pokemon I Choose You last month and remember Pikachu talking to Ash at the end…you know how uncomfortable that moment was in the movie theater.

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It makes me personally cringe and wish it weren’t a real thing… buuut, I’m also not the intended age range for it, so it is what it is. If it brings some more attention to the hobby then why not?

I mean…it’s just a little weird the game wasn’t released outside of Japan, but the movie is.

Trailer is out!


Love seeing live action Pokémon!

Lmaooo Ryan Reynolds makes everything 100xs better xD

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Its weird, I don’t think I hate it like I thought I would…

Love the poster though!


Just saw the trailer and I’m honestly super bummed about it. I don’t see any chance of it being more than a gimmicky comedy/action movie that will probably flop.

Hopefully I’m wrong though!!

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Not sure how to feel about that trailer. Kinda like the animation of the Pokemon. But the whole feel to it is so American and mainstream Hollywood like, which is not a positive thing for me and certainly not what I associate with the Japanese feel of Pokemon. The first Lego movie was a huge success and boosted the interest in Lego products substantially for a while. If this movie becomes a success, we may see a similar increased general interest in Pokemon again as we saw following the Pokemon Go hype.

I like it, and will be open minded and give it a chance :blush:


It’s going to be very successful IMO, was really pleasantly surprised by the trailer. Huge fan base already committed to watching means it would be a challenge to tank in the box office and good results are only good news for Pokemon collectors


makes me very happy.

Combine this with Let’s Go out this week and mainline game next year, I think the next 12 months are going to be very interesting to see how these big events effect the collectibles market!



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