Detective Pikachu game

So I know that there was buzz about this game quite a while ago, but it hadn’t been seen since then and seemed as if it were canceled.

The long and short of it is that pikachu is a grizzled detective that can speak

Think it will ever get localized? It should be pointed out that it is being created as a low cost e-shop digital download game. I wonder how the quality will actually be

This could actually give us some hope of more surprise announcements as the 20th anniversary gets closer :wink:


I’m in agreement with you - I worry the quality on this will be something that is sub-par and won’t ultimately be localized. Guess only time will tell.


It gave me a lot to think about in the category of spinoff games that never got taken advantage of. Mystery Dungeon doesn’t have to be the only secondary game series. There is just a ridiculous amount that could be done with the franchise.

This gives me hope for new ventures and life though.

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I’m already prepared for this to get a sequel when none of MY favorite Pokemon spinoffs have. :relieved:

Got it on my Japanese 3DS (no I can’t read Japanese sadly, so I don’t get more than the basica of the story)
Its suprisengly funny to hear that Pikachu say pika tough x)