Dark Dragonite Rocket Returns special holo pattern, AWESOME!

Look at it, it’s so awesome!

Had to share it, since you don’t see these often.


the holo is only visible with articficial light. At least that’s how I got it to show. In sunlight it looks like a regular holo.

it is awesome!

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How much did that set you back?

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It was a good buy, I got lucky. I love how some of the Japanese cards have crazy holo styles. Like the secret rare zapdos, it is amazing (but again, only at night with a lamp on it, not in sunlight).

Looks nice enough to be valuable. Good thing it’s realtively cheap/common because I want one now.

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Haha glad I helped you find another card to want.

I’d be interested in the dark tyranitar from that set if you can find it. I loves me some tyranitar.

I wish english cards had such holo patterns.


i don’t know if this Tyranitar has the crazy awesome holo effect though.

I love you so much right now.

I bought 2 of them.





There is the other half-deck which contains Dragonite mentioned in op.

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the card is a beaut

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Poly_100 is a great seller, i recommend him highly

Prices are expensive, but is nice!

And the keldeo with the striped rainbow effect

I knew this was going to creep up somewhere in this thread :blush:

ooo I have the Articuno laying around somewhere. Does that have a special pattern effect too? :open_mouth:

Go and check under artificial light! Im interested!

I just don’t know where it is! :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, the problem of the bulk collector. Happens to me all the time

Geeeeeeez this card is cool. I don’t have anything post-2001 in my collection but this one is tempting me. How could Pokemon do this to me :stuck_out_tongue: