Holo effects

Hey everyone! I’ve been curious to learn about more cards that have great holo effects in person. The reason I wanted to start a thread was because it’s hard to get a good idea of how the effects look through second hand images and scans. Also who doesnt love holos?

I recently discovered the awesome effects on the japanese crystal secret rares, which peaked my curiosity as to what else is out there. There’s so many incredible holo cards out there, I really look forward to hearing your input :blush:

yea true! plus the holo effects on the shiny collection are quite nice.

I just got a shining raichu in today and i love it. Yoshida’s artwork just fits so well with the foil. The charizard and mew also look phenomenal. I really enjoy the shining pokemon, because every card i get, I appreciate 10x more in person.

I haven’t had the opportunity to see a FC magikarp in person, but everyone seems to say it’s a favorite. I’d definitely like to see some pics if you have any :blush:

^^ thats why il be sticking with my neo shining magikarp for now :stuck_out_tongue:

wow that really is something. Guess I have a new addition to the “wants” list :stuck_out_tongue:

it reminds me of my childhood :blush:


@hapycakeoven I read that to my daughter all the time, along with the sequel “Rainbow Fish To The Rescue”. Living the dream at 22 :blush:

I could not find this on google any idea? Any info on this card would be great

Lol, this thread is awesome, and interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m fairly certain sunseekers post is a fake reprint sticker.

Here are some others I thought we’re weird;

Ye it’s a sticker wow never new had that a long time thanks for info

Any info on this one

No anything about coins wrong place but couldn’t find anywhere to post them

Oh I hate those sleeves so much! I was just trying to finish a packet I had.

Yeah, i’m sorry about my watermark, it automatically applies when I resize the image to be small for forums >.<

I actually really like the second one

I didn’t even realize that the gyarados had that holo effect. I only have a delta dark charizard and thought that effect was limited to certain gold star cards.

Can someone give me some details/pictures about the trophy pikachu holo effects? Everyone says they have the best of any card so I am quite interested to learn more :blush:

Yeah I really like that and mew, my shining mew is on it’s way too me, this week, got it in a lot, for like £30 mint

The Raichu looks so sick! It took my favorite shining spot tbh

The selective gloss on the crystal types are friggin awesome as well. Such a simple touch but makes ALL the difference