What are your favorite reprints?

There are different kinds of reprints, but I think the most basic ones are…

  • Art Reprints - These are cards that use the same art as older cards, but not necessarily the same function.
  • Mechanical Reprints - These cards serve the same mechanical function as older cards, but are not necessarily the same art.
  • Full Reprints - These cards are nearly identical in art and function to their original incarnations.

I think reprints are a cool component to Pokémon. In the ancient days of Base Set 2, they were reviled as less-desirable “second edition” cards. But by Legendary Collection, they were popular tournament-ready cards that appealed to lots of different kinds of collectors. Wizards of the Coast planned for more reprint collections that never happened, but since then The Pokémon Company has produced reprints of their own in often meaningful and ceremonial ways. There are still entire sets, like Evolutions and Celebrations, but there’s also a history of more isolated reprints as secret rares. Some cards, like the once infamous Neo Genesis Sneasel, have seen multiple reprints as part of modern sets without any fanfare. But regardless of the context I think it’s cool when old cards show up again and I think there’s way more than people might realize and it’s not the sort of thing that has its own Bulbapedia entry.

So what are your favorite reprints? I’ll start with some of mine, which are easy ones. (I’m stealing all my pictures from Google.)

#1 Japanese Promo CD/Let’s Trade Venusaur, Blastoise, and Charizard

Beautiful, iconic cards we never got in English with the quintessential “starter art” of early Pokémon that defined a generation. But due to the language barrier, a lot of people don’t realize these are reprints of the regular Base Set cards with alternate art. These will probably always be my favorite reprints and I think even if they got released in English somehow someday I will always prefer the exotic mystique of these originals.

#2 Legendary Collection Dark Vaporeon

I think holographic versions of previously non-holo cards is an easy crowd-pleaser but this one always stands out in my memory as a great revision to a really cool card. I mourn that this was #9 and Flareon was #10 in Legendary collection and the two cards didn’t get to be next to each other on a binder page. This is something I wish they did more often.

#3 Supreme Victors Legendary Birds

When the Black Star Promos for the three legendary birds came out for the second Pokémon movie, the cards were revised with (at the time) English exclusive artwork. We didn’t see an English release for the original Japanese artwork, shown here, until all the way in Supreme Victors in 2010. I always preferred this artwork and I’m a sucker for card art that goes together to form one image. Even though I cannot for the life of me find pictures of these cards arranged in the correct order, it should go Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Neat cards and I’m glad we finally got this art in English because I always preferred it. Plus they were holo!

So what about you? Lots of promotional cards are reprints of set cards, and lots of Japanese cards saw reprints that other territories did not. I think there’s a lot out there and since they aren’t really all documented all in one place they can be hard to peruse. Do you have a favorite reprint?


Great thread idea. Fan Club Shining Magikarp is a cool one that comes to mind as it reprints the card, but now matching the Neo Destiny shining’s holo pattern.


This is such a good one. I knew of this card but hadn’t actually seen a picture of it and didn’t realize it was unique. Really cool.


This is a great topic! This guy comes to mind for me:

Not only does the holo look nice, but I love the Toysrus logo. Toysrus is major nostalgia, especially for the original gen!


Some of mine off the top of my head (I will continue to add more as I think of them)

Full Reprints:

  • Aforementioned Dark Vaporeon Holo & Fan Club Magikarp
  • Charizard Stormfront with the snowflake holo

  • Creatures Deck Mew ex (stole Charlie’s nice photo)

  • Dark Gyarados, Venusaur 25th Anniversary

Mechanical Reprints:

  • BW lottery Giratina & Rayquaza EX

  • Gold Tag Team GX

  • Snap Cards

  • EX Battle Boost Reshiram & Zekrom

  • Gift Box Rayquaza ex, so derpy

Quasi Mechanical Reprints:

  • Eeeeeeek Cleffa

Reprint Sets:

  • Pokémon Web

@qwachansey I never realized snap cards were alts of other cards that’s so cool. Thanks for sharing



If this counts as a reprint, it is one of the best:


That’s a big part of what motivated me here. While people often recognize obvious reprints that are treated as anniversary releases or secret rares, people are less likely to register when a card has been reprinted with different art. Black Star Promos #4 and #14 are both the same Mewtwo, for example, but not everyone realizes that because of the different art (even when they’re both in English!). And when there’s also a language barrier added into the mix, unless you speak the language you’d probably have no idea.


This is probably my favourite card of 2021


All the 2002 Wind from the Sea and Town on No Map McDonald’s promos are reprints of set cards. Mew is my favourite, but the Umbreon is also really good.

+1 for Stormfront.
Call of Legends also has some good ones (Ninetales always sticks out to me)


Yeah even with the CD promos I had no idea. I’m thankful you made this thread.

Red/Green Gift Box legendary bird trio, hands down! The holo treatment elevates their already fantastic non-holo artworks from Vending so much!

You can hardly go wrong by making an already existing good artwork holographic. It just shouldn’t overshadow the fine details in the art. Other favorites that come to mind are the holo legendary birds from WEB or the holo Kanto and Johto starter lottery promos.


beautiful didn’t know that card, I’m getting myself one lol
@muk, totally agree, those holo reprints are insane

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@knotchi I was coming here to post these! I love the base Pikachu reprint (can’t have enough right?) because of the added holo as well as the reimagining of the original card.

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The cards we all love to hate!


Admittedly I did not have energies in mind when I made this topic but you are absolutely correct that they are recurring reprints that span the entire history of the card game. And given that, there’s absolutely some they are cooler than others.

I really love the first holographic energies in particular.


Himeno Natta Wake! :grin:


TIL Himeno illustrated both the originals and the reprints, awesome


I been waiting for a thread like this.

#1 without a doubt is this bad MF right here:

When this one was announced I swear I was anxious. Seeing how everyone around me was buying anniversary releases up like water. I was determined to get one at a reasonable price or not at all. Thankfully I secured me copy and was over the moon when I held it n my hands. Great times.

#2 BRUH:

I swear I went to every prerelease event in Chicago and only found Gyarados’. IIRC Charizard was only released in the west side or some obscure shit like that. Welp it’s in my collection now. Coolest part about evolutions is I had had a dream about a base set reprint months before being confirmed for release.


I’m going to keep this simple.

I survived at a GameStop all night for 12 hours in Chicago; in the cold. Secured the only copy that day, woah.