Damaged cards in Metagross Collection Box Does TCPi replace?

So like the title says I am wondering if I can send these cards to the company can I get replacements.

The bends on these cards are very bad and were already on the card before I opened the boxes. Some were small
bends and made worse on taking them out.

For new, damaged products, you are better returning it to the store. The Pokemon company will maybe give you a random item 6 months later if you’re lucky.

You made them worse? How’s that?

To return them to the store you must produce the receipt. If the store is out of them then contact the Pokemon Co attaching a copy of that receipt. They do have a product replacement dept.
if they are out of the product then, as the handsome funmonkey said, you’ll wait forever for a random replacement;)

thanks for responses. I will try target first

Gary, Im not sure if you are familiar with the way tins and collection boxes store the promo card. They sit
in a little hollow/depressed area in the plastic. There are usually little nodules/bumps that hold the card in that depression. when you pull the cards out it creates a bend the size of the nodule holding it in place. I’ve tried many techniques to removing it but with english cards being printed horribly it’s not worth the effort.

So how I made it worse. The card is normally in the depression with the nodule/bump over it. Well in a few of the packages the card was directly on the bump. This created a large indent into the card. so when I pulled it that dent was made worse. It’s like someone held the card by sides and began to squeeze. I’ll upload pictures later but the cards are bad condition. I wish american stores would look to the japanese on how they package items.

@hisoka107 I agree with the bad packaging. I opened up a Mega Metagross box and my Metagross EX was dented in the exact same fashion. Thankfully the Mega was ok, which was what I really wanted. I also opened up the new Japanese Super Legend Set and the promos were packaged fantastically, no little nodules or anything. I do wish they would just seal all promos up in plastic like some of the Japanese promos though.

The American packaging is also just…extremely wasteful. A huge box for 3-4 packs and a promo card or 2!! There has to be a much better, smaller and more environmentally friendly way to package the promo gift set things.

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But everything HAS to be big, cheap, and wasteful in america! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol

It’s about the psychology of thinking you’re getting more for less. Big packaging, token additions like mini-binders that are entirely impractical, promo cards. They all serve like purposes.