Has TPC Corrected Error Cards?

I don’t know much about Yu-Gi-Oh! Though, I stumbled upon this incredible post and realised it’s written by @azulryu !

In short, Upper Deck Entertainment released an error Yu-Gi-Oh! card and told consumers to send in their incorrect version for a replacement corrected card if they wanted.

Does anyone know if something like this has ever happened in the The Pokemon Company/MediaFactory/WOTC etc.? Mainly errors or the like.

Not regarding the Masaki mail in cards in the Japanese Communication Evolution campaign.

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Hey thanks for the shout-out. I had a great time writing that!

To answer your question, as you know there have been several Mail In options for special cards like Fan Club Promos and such. As for correcting an error card, no, there’s never been a mail in redemption for Pokemon errors. They just stop printing the card and correct it or they don’t.

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Yes. All offered replacement services for all cards, even limited award cards.

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@azulryu @garyis2000 @djgigabyte, thank you for your responses. I wonder if they thought it would be a waste of money/time as they were just pushing cards out at the time. Best move to the next set and not worry about it as they had to play catch up to Japan.

@garyis2000, are you talking about Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon? If you are talking about Pokemon do you have any sources or examples?

Great information thanks, you say in the past, do they not offer this service anymore? Also, did they contact consumers through their website/magazine or social media platforms? Can’t think back in 2010 what was available.

I was referring to replacement cards that you mail in and they’d send you another one. Sorry if I misunderstood.

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I’m pretty sure you’re still able to send back damaged cards to Pokémon to get a new card/pack. Not sure how though, but I’ve heard you can on multiple occasions on reddit after someone pulled a miscut Full Art and was unhappy about it (in which case I usually advice them to sell it with a minor profit since people collect miscuts, and buy both a non-error version and an additional new pack :wink: ).

Anyway, I have no idea how to do it or who to contact to do this, though. Just heard it was possible from multiple different people before.


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Message PCI support. I nearly did this a couple of years ago as I pulled a FA with a dotty back, but they could not guarantee to replace with the same FA so I didnt bother.

For all I know, the mistranslated Cyrus from Ultra Prism never got fixed in English printing. But it received a ruling errata.
Also, I’ve heard TCPI only sends your a replacement product, if you e.g. have a miscut/crimped card in a booster, with another sealed product. So you won’t get that exact card replaced, they just send you an other pack.