WOTC Mass-Produced Error/Corrected Cards

As part of my WotC “Master-Set” collection goal, I would like to eventually own every WotC “mass-produced” error card and the corrected counter-part - I’m only going after “mass-produced” error cards that were later corrected… I have begun to list all WotC error/corrected cards I could think of; am I missing anything?

**1st Ed. Base Set:**Pikachu 58/102 (“Ghost” 1st Ed. Stamp)

**Shadowless Base Set:**Ninetales 12/102 (Missing “80” Damage)

**Unlimited Base Set:**Blastoise 2/102 (Missing Word “Stage”)
Wartortle 42/102 (Evolution Box Error)
Diglett 47/102 (Sideways Fighting Energy)
Water Energy 102/102 (Top/Bottom Centering)

E3 Pikachu 58/102 (Red-Cheek)

**1st Ed. Jungle Set:**Butterfree 33/64 (“d” Edition)

**Unlimited Jungle Set:**ALL 16 Holo Cards (Missing Jungle Symbol)

**Unlimited Fossil Set:**Zapdos 15/62 (Missing Holo-Foil)

**1st Ed. Team Rocket Set:**Dark Dragonite 22/82 (5/82 Non-Holo)

**Unlimited Team Rocket Set:**Dark Dragonite 22/82 (5/82 Non-Holo)

**1st Ed. Gym Challenge Set:**Blaine’s Charizard 2/132 (Fighting Energy)
Rocket’s Minefield Gym 119/132 (Missing “2” Damage Counters)

**Unlimited Gym Challenge Set:**Blaine’s Charizard 2/132 (Fighting Energy)
Rocket’s Minefield Gym 119/132 (Missing “2” Damage Counters)

**Promotional Set:**Pikachu #1 (1st Ed. Stamp)
ALL 4 “WB” Movie Promo Cards (#2, #3, #4, #5) (Inverted “WB” Logo)
Dark Persian #17 (Missing HP)
Articuno #21 (Wrong Illustrator)
Moltres #22 (Wrong Illustrator)
Zapdos #23 (Wrong Illustrator)
Ancient Mew (“Nintedo” Error)

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Technically, Red Cheeks Pikachu (1st ed, shadowless, unlimited, 1999, E3) There’s also a Gym Challenge Rocket Minefield where it’s missing the number 2 in it’s text for both 1st ed and unlimited where the corrected version is rarer, black star promo Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres (21,22,23) that have the wrong artist name, and Portugese Wartortle; however, it looks like your list only has errors that have been corrected at some point, and I don’t think this got corrected but I’m not sure.

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Yeah dark Arbok was mass produced with the year as 1999-2300

But I don’t think it was ever corrected

Ghost error on every 1st edition base card (good luck lol)
1st edition Team Rocket rare (maybe uncommon, common?) cards have a smudge 1st edition symbol
Ancient Mews?

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Jungle Pinsir has an error version where the bottom left corner of the evolution box is smudged. @gemmintpokemon can probably elaborate more on the exact nature of the error.


If you’re going to include stuff like this and the gray stamp 1st edition cards you’d have to include, rainbow dragonair, highlighter kangaskhan, the miss stamped fossil cards, circle heart clefairy. The list would get ridiculous.

Also, there’s a miss aligned energy symbols on Dark Dragonite that I forgot.

For my collection, I consider the 1st Ed. Base Set and Shadowless Base Set to have 103 cards (Red & Yellow Pikachu). As for the Unlimited, 1999-2000, and E3; there’s no Red-Cheek version - is there?

I am only going after English cards, probably should have mentioned that.

Yes, that list would get pretty crazy - maybe one day… Haha

Now that you mention it I don’t think 1999-2000 does, but E3 and unlimited do.

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There’s a great Error card article on Bulbapedia. I’ll link it in a bit. It would make this a lot easier.

Smudges (in other words, dirty printing plates) are considered errors?

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yup, i’d say that falls under the definition of error

Seems rather silly to me to consider a dirty printing plate an “error.” Sloppy, yes.

I wouldn’t say it is a dirty printing plate more an over-saturation of ink

each to their own, the dirty printing plate itself is not the error, but the smudged ink resulting from it would be considered the error

Don’t forget Jungle 1st edition Electrode with Base Set image.

EDIT: Nevermind, I just found out that card was never corrected! I had no idea. :slightly_frowning_face:

Depending on the quantity being similar.

Here’s a link to the Bulbapedia page. It has quite a bit of good info:


AWESOME! Thank You!!!

Didn’t know something like that existed, that’ll make things a whole lot easier!

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Try this list. It goes into which errors are whole print runs and which are partial.