Little insight on this error would be amazing.

Little back story here, I know the card is genuine because I opened the pack myself after my parents bought it at books a million in chattanooga tn. My friends at the time, and myself didn’t think anything of it other then it being cool. But 10 years later after seeing the prices of error cards it sparked my interest. So I tried contacting gamingetc and a number of other places claiming to be “professionals” and they had nothing to tell me. So here I am, left curious, so if anyone can give me some insight on it I would be forever in your debt.

Dark so you can see the spot.

Light to see the holo.

Thanks in advance,

Didn’t do right so lets try that again.



Or did I post this in the wrong thread?

It’s in the right board, but please stop double posting. If you want to add more to a post, use the ‘Edit’ feature.

Yea, but it’s not just gray, it’s like foil, but it’s underneath the lettering. I’ve had it in a sleeve it’s entire life, so its not a rubbed spot. Just wondering if anyone has ever seen anything like it.

Well thank you, was curious about it. But seeing as how the lettering is still shown should be proof it isn’t altered right?