Super rare error or just bad handling?


I recently ran across the following auction.
I was wondering if this is an authentic error in that it was actually Wizard’s fault, not the sun’s.

Also, I felt like using this thread to get everyone’s opinion on if ink errors are worth noting like extreme miscuts or missing text.

It’s neither.

The stamp is fake (added to a shadowless card after). The blurry washed out look is a dead giveaway, there have been lots of these surfacing lately, might even be the Mewtwo we saw a month or so back with a fake stamp just like that.

Real stamps with low ink are crisp and look the way you would expect them to when the ink is low. Not like this blurry mess. We actually had a thread about this a while back, Scott started it if I remember correctly.

This crap from sellers really needs to stop :confused:

Sorry for not noticing the older thread, I’ve been gone for a while :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s mildly upsetting that it’s fake, but that makes sense.

Oh no I totally didn’t mean it like that!!! I was just saying you could check it out for reference :blush:

Yeah it’s very upsetting in my opinion :confused:

Odd how its in the perfect position.

It is quite odd how many of these have been popping up recently…

Hopefully any half serious collector can tell its altered and don’t get stuck with it.

Many of those I wouldn’t just pass over immediately as fake. As I believe Scott found out making a proper tool to fake that stamp is not child’s play and anyone who could make one as perfect as this one looks in the absolute exact position, could probably also get the ink darkness right.
Yes some light stamped are suspect but I’ve pulled many out of boxes too.

Gary I’ve pulled tons of 1st base cards from packs and I’ve encountered about a dozen lightly stamped cards straight from the pack. They don’t look like this. Putting the colour aside how can you say this one is perfect? Sure the position may be close to right ( for me it’s too far to the right but that could just be me) but it’s so blurry.

I will say this one is different from that charizard copy previously discussed. The charizard was an obvious one.

I’m kinda thinking this one is real. The stamp doesn’t look more burry to me than the real stamp.

After comparing it to another picture of a grey stamped copy it does look a little more blurry. But the dimensions of the stamp are the same.

I think the more important point here is that it is not a super rare ghost anything. It is just someone trying to make what they have more valuable/rare than what it really is.

Agreed Scott. Even if it is real it should be even less desirable. I’ve even had set buyers return cards for darker stamps.

This has to be a legit stamp, right? Since no Machamp cards were printed without the stamp?

I honestly can’t tell from the photos. But it probably is not as relevant since they are not putting an outrageous price on them.