1st edition Charizard fake stamp? or just thick?

Any help would be great with this card as i dont have long to make up my mind to buy it or not… Fake stamp? or is it just the thick variant?

Fake mate, i posted about it in the ebay garbage thread

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The t in edition should line up with the illustration box.

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So did this in paint real quick- the card pictured

psa 10 zard

That looks quite real to me. is it really fake???

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Ah in the photo it looks raised up compared to the close up. Like the t is almost touching the box. I am on my phone zooming in though so thats probably why.

Like one pixel off? Is that enough to be a fake?

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Tbh i was on about vertical in my OP. Im not sure if they are supposed to match up horizontally as well but being as you madr the thing i figured they should also. I am by no means an expert on this, the only fakes stamps ive ever seen have been posted here so im only judging using that. @acebren knows more than me im sure so i would definitely take his opinion and not buy the card.

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Damn if this was a fake stamp, quite a good one to the untrained eye, it would increase the supply of 1st ed by what is taken away from shadowless. So basically don’t buy ungraded??

Yea its insane, i pulled out of the deal to be safe… Thanks all!

Yeah but there are also some PSA cards with fake stamps, always look at the stamps even if it’s in a PSA case just to be sure.

didnt even realize it was not centered correctly, the stamp is blurry/wavy and not clean and crisp, the ink is not evenly distributed and the numbers and letters are deformed, the fact that its off center is the smoking gun

I think even if there is a shred of doubt, consider it to be fake.

Also that would actually be the thin variant. Thick and thin refer to the thickness of the “1” in the stamp.


this is one of the worst fakes i’ve seen.

Some of you actually think this could be legit?:thinking: ?? ?


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My eyesight is sort of impaired and I can still tell that it’s fake. My grandma, even with her superpower sense of smell, will throw this fake-stamped card away in the bin! Different smells of different inks, ya know?

Now, this makes me wonder about the darker coloured cards with 1st ed stamps (e.g neo revelation, like my Houndoom avatar.) Although 1st stamps on dark background cards are legit in most cases, it’s hard to see them from a distance. I can only see the stamp clearly whilst shining light at it. Oh, well.

Too far left, ink too blotchy.