TPCI Damaged Cards

Had a follower ask whether he could return a card that was badly damaged straight from a pack.
20+ years ago, Wizards of the Coast did. I sent back many cards which were processed and exchanged through their replacement room. The cards they returned were always in amazing condition because they never went through the pack process.
Not being much into post wotc, I don’t know if anything is in place now for this problem.
Any info I can pass on to my follower?


it’s possible, Pokemon company Japan also does it, but i’m pretty sure it’s exclusively for super severe cases.

like a ripped in half box promo.

I know they exchange packs. If you opened a booster pack and there was a missing card or the holo was damaged, they will send you a couple packs for free instead.

I returned a bad Champion’s Path pack and got 6 Team Up packs in return in 2021. This was because I had to wait for like a year or so and they didn’t have Champion’s Path packs anymore.


I opened packs of Cosmic Eclipse when the set first came out and two Alt Arts I pulled had suffered from some pretty displeasing ink splotches. They replaced the cards after an email with clear pictures.

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lol they hosed you.


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Not damaged, but I opened an Evolving Skies ETB and 2/8 packs inside had 8 cards in them instead of 10. The 2 missing being the Reverse Holo slot and the Rare/Holo slot cards. I queried TPCi about it and they got me to send the ETB and all the contents back to them (after I showed them photos and a receipt). It took about 7 months but they ended up refunding me the cost of the ETB + my return postage + the value of 8 booster packs.

No replacement cards/packs but I basically ended up with a 50 dollar apology cash payment.


I’ve heard stories from people who were sent replacement product. This was years ago, so maybe it’s different now. Even back then it sounded like a case by case situation.

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I can confirm that TPCI is still processing replacement products. The did pause it during the peak of the pandemic, but the instructions are here:

I went through the process about 6 months ago, but decided to hold off sending the damaged card as my Son had a change of heart. He pulled a Mew V alt art from Fusion Strike and it was significantly offcut. He was bummed at first, but ended up liking it better.

In either case, I needed to provide multiple photos showing the card, original packaging, and all the contents of the pack/etb, along with the original receipt. There is no guarantee you will receive the same card back, but they supposedly will send you one of equal rarity along with a booster pack. Hope his helps!


I did this in 2020 because some of the Hidden Fates tins promos were creased right out of the tin, before they switched to the new way of packaging those. I also did it with a promo from a different box, I can’t remember which.

They had me ship them the damaged promos, but due to Covid they didn’t ship me anything until maybe mid 2021 or so. They sent replacement HF promos matching the ones I sent. They no longer had spares of the other promo I sent, so they gave me a list to pick from. They also sent me a few random booster packs to compensate for paying to ship the cards back to them.