Frustration with Pokemon Cards these days...

Hey guys, I just want to vent my disappointment and see if any of yourselves have shared the same experience as me. When primal clash came out, I purchased three booster boxes and some promo blister packs. I just have to say I was upset at the poor manufacturing quality of the cards.

I pulled a Kyogre only to find the top right corner of the card was missing, meaning there was no way this card could go into my ‘mint’ collection as I was planning it too. A few packets down the line, this time from a promo blister pack, I pull a Maxie’s hidden ball trick - the full art ultra rare, only to find a similar problem - the top left corner has been cut at a weird angle, and on the back there’s white marks mixed within the blue border.The boxes had not been damaged in transit, they were very well packaged.

The cuts on the corners aren’t huge, but you can definitely notice there’s something not right with the card. And as a collector, I pride myself in having the best possible standard of cards in my collection. The booster boxes are not exactly cheap, and to be honest I’d expect more in terms of quality control and manufacturing standards.

Funny how when I open the older jungle, fossil, team rocket etc sets that the cards are pristine, despite being over a decade old.

Does anyone else have experience with this? I seem to remember having as similar problem with furious fists when it came out. I wouldn’t mind if it was a common card but two ultra rare’s have been ruined because of this. I can scan and provide pics if anyone is interested. Please let me know your opinions below! :blush:

Printing quality has been horrible for the last few years, as far as English Sets are concerned.
For those of us who do or have collected new English since the start of the B/W era, we have all had our fair share of dissapointment of pulling cards out of the pack that already have damage on them from the manufacturing/packaging process.

It’s one of the reasons I have more or less exclusively decided to only collect new Japanese stuff instead of Japanese and English. The printing quality is amazing.

I’d be interested to see the whole corning of the Kyogre missing. That even seems extreme for the standards these days.

Exactly my thoughts what @milhouse said. I returned to tcg collecting late 2013 and already then Plasma Storm had problems with quality. Flashfire was another notorious set.

As much I’d like to open english boosters Primal Clash was more than good reason to make switch for japanese cards, re-selling might be harder but you have to make sacrifices sometimes. Can’t wait for next month when XY6 comes out. :blush:

Post a pic of the corners.
It is frustrating, it’s hard enough trying to keep up as it is without cards ur pulling already being damaged.

Primal Clash card quality is horrendous. I opened a box, got 7 ultra rares, and only one is a possible PSA 9. All the rest are 6-8 and its horrible, coming straight from the pack. Card quality like this makes me want to switch exclusively to Japanese collecting. If Roaring Skies isn’t a significant improvement, I’m gonna be pissed.

It definitely is disappointing. Phantom Forces looked like the quality would finally be going in the right direction but guess the cards went back to Flashfire-like crappy quality (or possibly worse).

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This is why before flashfire came out, I’ve since stopped with English cards… Too much money for a lot of fodder, no profitability and the print cuts are now iffy at best…

I would also like to see a pic of the Kyogre card, and both sides of the FA Maxie’s trick.

Just as everyone else said. Japanese cards > English cards in terms of print and quality. I have a 1st Edition Shining Gyarados that is really good in quality, except one thing, the left corner slightly swerves into the corner, it’s not straight. It’s one of the few cards I have in my collection that really bothers me and it’ll probably be the first card I replace in my collection once I complete it.

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Here, in the United States, we care only about money and quality comes second.

Both of my two previous jobs were bought out by European companies recently and both of those places are seeing a huge increase in quality. I sincerely believe its part of our culture to cut corners.


In this case, very literally.

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I, too, thought that was a great pun.

I didn’t even notice that pun haha

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I think it is Japanese > Korean > English.