Opened an XY Base Set Booster Box..

Opened up a XY Basr Booster Box today that had a bit of trouble at the factory. Looks like a dirt clod got stuck in the printer and scraped across the entire sheet and caused half the cards in my box to splat ink all over them… Anyone else have something similar happen?

Interesting. Never seen anything like this before! was this in multiple packs? potentially the pokemon company international could compensate you, i’ve heard of them giving compo before.

yup at least 6 packs IIRC

Gem Mint 10 quality right there. Throw it up on eBay :blush:

Wow o.O I have a few cards with white lines like on the first picture but they only have one line and no ink dots. I’ve never seen something like that, at the same time it’s kinda cool and on the other hand you start to think about poor quality control…

This is a new kind of ‘error’.
I’ve experienced some bad errors but this is a first. I opened an Ancient Origins booster box a few years ago, and had all the ultra rare’s have booster pack crumple marks.
(I was pissed when lugia EX was crimpled).
But this… this is a whole new level of ‘quality control’

Looks like a dive by happened on those cards xD

Send in a complaint.

The sets like 3 years old, will Pokemon even care? kek.

I’d do that too. This is clearly a factory issue so they should replace the box in some way.

So you sell these as ‘pack fresh’ ? :wink:

At least your not lying :grin:

Sorry too see this happen, I agree with others should definitely complain,

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OK I sent in a complaint. At least the ultra rares weren’t damaged…

In case you were curious here are the pulls.


those Skarmoy look pretty beast.
i always like to nickname my ingame Skarmory’s Iron Curtain cause it just sounds metal as fuck.

and yeah you should absolutely try to get compensation, for science of course.

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The black dots look like black tar h

Well customer support said they would replace the cards I lost with Sun and Moon Era cards of equal rarity. Forget that I want to complete my XY master set :slightly_frowning_face:

Nothings free in this world anymore.

Watch them replace it but make you pay shipping :grin: :stuck_out_tongue: