Printing errors...

Just bought a box of Dragon Selection. Around 95% of all of the cards have press lines in the holo part from misses or something by the machine. Vertical, horizontal, and in a lot of them, both, which form a plus sign in the card. Really? How is this $@#! still an issue with Pokemon cards? Or that there isn’t at least some sort of basic QC regarding cards? Pisses me the hell off as these boxes aren’t exactly cheap.

Feels like a ripoff that a fresh box basically just screwed me in many ways, most of all value. I have had QC issues since the BW1 set launched from entire packs with the edges messed up by a dull cut and this same press issue. I am very fed up that I have to roll the dice of luck every time a new set is released in hopes of not getting screwed by the manufacturer. I wish I could just ship this crap right back to them and shove it up their…


EDIT: Here are a few pictures of what I mean taken from my phone.
Fraxure. Latias.
A little hard to see on camera, especially the horizontals. Maybe having a few isn’t that bad and is minor to some people. But it’s infuriating to me when ALL of the cards are like that.

Its like my 2009 movie pack cards… -.-
Pichus are like that