Plamsa Blast Rare Holo Error Printing

So I was bored after class and picked up all the Plasma Blast packs (53) from my comic book shop for more than I should have.
I got some good pulls: FA Genesect, Virizion ex, Genesect ex, FA Iris, Dialga ex and 2 Ace specs. I noticed something odd about the holos. The holos during BW had the horizontal lines on the pokemon character box. The vertical line is visible from the top to the bottom of the card. Some of the cards more visible than others. I’d try to show pictures but it’s late and I don’t think it’ll show up. I might take a few pictures and/or scan if this seems to be rare. The only card of note that I got among the 8 was the blastoise.

I checked to make sure light doesnt shine through the cards. Also the LCS (local comic shop) has sealed Pokemon booster boxes there. I doubt they are fake. Just curious about the rarity of this printing error/defect. I don’t care for errors so I’m looking to sell it on ebay. Any help is appreciate.

*Oh also I found a way to use the old method for breaking open the New Slabs. Thanks to @balgoy14 for the idea. I have a table saw but not everyone does. I’ll upload it soon and post the video in a new thread.

Having problems with AT&T service for the last few weeks. Cable, phone, inert all go out. Excuse spelling mistakes or any messes. Feel free to point out my grammar or sytax. I have none haha.

Here are the pictures not sure why my phone created 3 links

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So you can see the foil through the outermost paper layer on the card?

Or am I misunderstanding what’s being pointed out?

Yes that’s correct. I can see the holo line pattern on the whole card and not just the the character box. Is this odd?

It happens infrequently, but it happens. I’ve seen it from a few different sets, primarily older ones. But I have seen them in recent years as well.

I have a 3 PLB Blastoise Holo’s next to me right now, and 1 of them has this exact same oddity on it.
I don’t think it’s all that rare unfortunately.

Okay so it’s kind of rare. What would you label this? How much more are they worth compared to normal?

It also happens on Japanese cards.

I would say it is worth as much as a normal holo. :blush:

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Not really. It just happens. No particular value. If anything, it’s just the only misprint that isn’t worth less.

Dammit. Oh well.

Also where the he’ll did all the comments from mil house down come from. I was trying to refresh my mobile browser and nothing. Damn AT&T service keeps going out.

I think we all make the mistake of assuming a printing defect or error is suddenly going to be worth more than a ‘regular’ example of a card at times.
Yeah sure, there are certain errors that are insanely rare and have stories behind them and whatnot, that are incredibly expensive.

I can’t remember who said it, but there was a post in a thread the other day saying that certain print defects should be worth less because they are an example of shoddy production over a genuine mistake/strange occurrence. I hadn’t really thought of it that way before and I actually totally agree with that sentiment.

That leads me into the B/W and X/Y era. The production quality has dropped a lot. Wear on the card before it even comes out of the pack is expected these days, it’s sad. That’s one of the reasons why it’s been so hard to get PSA 10s on EX/FA/Secrets, because of that reason specifically. I have seen countless horribly off centre/miscut cards from B/W and X/Y, as I am sure loads of others have seen as well. When it happens once in a while it’s a novelty and maybe something to have a giggle at, but it is happening SO often now. I hate it.

Give me old school errors like No Stage Blastoise anyday, something actually interesting and unique. The only recent printing error I can think of that was not some sloppy printing production like a miscut or off centre, is the fighting symbol on the PLS Charizard Secret, which was interesting because it had been done before on the Gym Challenge Charizard. Exact same Pokemon, exact same error, but YEARS apart, AND a different production company. That’s interesting to me. Just a shame we never got a correction.

Sorry, kinda ranty. But it is annoying.


It makes sense though. I do think that some errors, even some of the mishaps that go through productions, have a unique value to them as they wouldn’t be normally sent out to be sold. HOWEVER, as you had also mentioned, when it becomes common-place, it’s almost down right disappointing in the end.

Yet still, there is a niche that it fills and on the same level where people might be interested in collecting a complete Holo card with no picture or graphics (I assume that’s what you were referring to?) as in that it tells a part of the history.

So yeah. Basically what milhouse said. XD

I recently opened a plasma blast booster pack and i got a defect. Can anyone find information? The pack was open, and when the factory tried to close it the online card got stuck in there , it has square edges, then they put another online card in the pack

Here is a photo I can give you :wink:

I recently opened a plasma blast booster pack and i got a defect. Can anyone find information? The pack was open, and when the factory tried to close it the online card got stuck in there , it has square edges, then they put another online card in the pack