Crossing no subgrade BGS 9 to PSA 9

I am potentially interested in buying a card, but it is a BGS 9 rather than a PSA 9, which I strongly prefer. I have no experience grading or trying to cross cards over, but I understand there is a lot of variance in BGS 9s, and crossing to a PSA 9 is very far from a sure thing. I have read other threads on the subject on the forum, and most seem to suggest that looking at the subgrades of the BGS card is the most valuable data for predicting how a BGS card will crossgrade at PSA. However, the cards I am considering was graded with the no subgrade option BGS provides, so I feel lost due to lack of experience in guessing the probability that this particular card would grade a PSA 9.

Any insight into how this specific card might grade with PSA would be greatly appreciated, as well as an explanation of your process for making that guess given a no-subgrade BGS card:

Any opinions from more seasoned graders/collectors regarding whether it is worth the risk to try to save money on this card rather than a PSA 9 and crossgrade, or whether it is worth the several hundred extra in today’s market for an existing PSA 9 are especially appreciated. Thanks a lot for your help! (I hope this topic is suitable for a thread like this in the quick question area.)

I think you can check the subgrades in BGS website. As a personal opinion this has a good chance for PSA 9


Thanks a lot for your help! I just looked up the card in the BGS registry, and it seems that there aren’t any subgrades available for it:

Would this change any of your analysis of the card? I did some more digging, and it seems BGS introduced a no-subgrades grading option in 2016:

What I knew was that these no subgrades grades still had them on the website. I was not aware of this option

A random BGS 9 will have a very slim chance of PSA 9 especially Vaporeon


Collect cards not grades.

Why do you like PSA 9’s? Does this meet those some criteria condition wise?

The BGS 9 will tell you it’s in the ballpark. Look at the card and buy it if you like it.

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It’s hard to say. If it had subs and let’s say, had a 8.5 surface grade, then I’d say there’s almost no chance of a PSA 9 cross

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Maybe 9.5 on centering, 9 or 9.5 on corners, & 9 on edges so surface could be either an 8.5 or 9 based on their grading parameters. It’s total guesswork, which is why most people follow the notated subgrades or go with PSA. Unfortunately with BGS the difference between 8.5 and 9 subgrades can be very substantial. So there might or might not be noticeable surface scratches, and yet it would still receive the same grade.

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I like PSA 9s because I want consistency in my collection. I realize that I am purchasing the cards, but however irrational, as a collector, I’d like my cards to align with each other within each set in terms of grade and grading company. I don’t have a better explanation than personal obsession as a collector, but this does compel me regardless :sob: .

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Thank you for this. It is incredibly helpful as a reference. I had heard it mentioned here before in the past, but it is still surprising to see how common an occurrence it is that a PSA 7 will grade a BGS 9.

@coelacanth if you need the label then just pay up and buy the label.

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Agreed. Just buy the psa 9. There’s zero guarantees it will cross over to a psa 9. It’s not worth your time or effort to pay up for the cross, wait significant time and the have it come back a 7 or 8


Looks really clean. Hard to tell with the holo though. Assuming that is very clean then it should get a PSA 9

Unless you’re getting it for a absolute steal, I would just target a PSA 9. There’s a very good chance that card is really a 7 or 8 in a BGS case.

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