BGS to PSA, (1st edition Venusaur BGS 9)

Quick question, and a question many others may also have:

I have a BGS 9 Venusaur with two 9.5 grades and 2 9 grades. The 9 grades are for the edges and the face, the 9.5’s for the centering and the corners.

I have studied this card for multiple times and can find absolutely nothing wrong, besides the centering being just outside the pristine limits.

I am contemplating sending this in for review with PSA, where I am 90% sure this will pull a psa 9 coming back, but will hold onto the 10% hope that it may get bumped up.

Would you say the value changes if it is deemed a PSA 9, versus the previous BGS 9 with two 9.5 subgrades? As PSA is the main currency of the pokemon collectibles market imo, I would almost rather have the 9. I also believe that more buyers would prefer the PSA case over the BGS case.

I will post pictures this evening if anyone would like to give a quick thought, I would love the second, or twelve extra pairs of eyes.


The difference between BGS 9 and PSA 9 is usually small value wise, but the disparity depends on the rarity of your card. So if you have a 1st edition base Venusaur, it may be worth it.

Either way, it’s a risk. If you aren’t trying to sell it, might as well keep it in the BGS case as it’s already protected. Recasing means risking damage in the process.

Now if you think it’s a likely PSA 10, it may be worth the risk.

I guess at this point it’d be best to see the pics you’ll post later.

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Very, very, unlikely to cross a BGS 9 into a PSA 10. Heck, it’s even unlikely to cross a 9.5 into a PSA 10.
Maybe send it as a crossover just to get it into a PSA case.


i completely agree. However, from what I can gather its a very strong 9 at least. Being its a strong 9, my main thought is it better represented in a BGS case with sub-grades or that of the counterpart PSA case.

I have yet to cross a single Pokemon bgs 9 or 9.5 to a 10. The probability is not on your side.

As for bgs 9 vs psa 9, I don’t think many people put much stock into sub grades.

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By no means am I saying it should and I will be upset if it does not, just a fools hope something was graded wrong the first time. I am convinced it will become 9 which I am just fine with. From what I have already heard people answering with, PSA 9 would be a better alternative then BGS with the subgrades, which I also believe.

Just out of curiosity, Scott, do you have any numbers (or just percentages) on how many you’ve crossed the other direction? Like… what % of your crossovers from a PSA 9 end up BGS 9, and how many end up BGS 9.5? (Assuming you’ve done enough for a good sample size!)

I have never crossed anything Pokemon from PSA to BGS.

All I can really add is that sub 9 BGS grades are much more inconsistent. I had some BGS 8.5’s that would not cross to a PSA 7.

BGS with subgrades only makes sense for cards that can stand alone, like charizard. It’s bad for stuff you want in a set.

A general rule of thumb for both value wise and quality wise is as follows. Value wise is a bit tricker especially with less liquid cards, but this really does hold up for all the premier and most liquid cards in sports and in Pokemon (admittedly there are few cards though).

BGS 10 > PSA 10 > BGS 9.5 > PSA 9 > BGS 9.

One should always feel safe in assuming they can move to the immediate right when crossgrading from one company to another. E.g. A BGS 10 will safely cross to a PSA 10 most of the time as well as a PSA 10 will safely cross to a BGS 9.5 most of the time and on down the line.

When you are attempting to go left one unit you are in very difficult territory to predict. Moving left is an upgrade and is not easy. Nobody can attest better than @garyis2000 how hard the move from PSA 10 to BGS 10 is. I myself have never even attempted this move, but I have made all the other left moves. BGS 9 => PSA 9 as well as BGS 9.5 => PSA 10. They are still the exception and frequently are hard to pull off unless you have a very “strong” grade to begin with. I have also gone from PSA 9 to BGS 9.5 with a couple 1st edition base cards that increased the value a fair bit.

What you are talking about in this thread though is the hope that a BGS 9 will jump not only to the left, but 3 full slots to the left. I’ve never heard of it and it seems like it would be extremely unlikely although the BGS 9 you are talking about with 2x9 and 2x9.5 is obviously the highest end BGS 9 that can exist just barely missing the BGS 9.5. If you do go ahead and try for it I’d be interested to hear the result.

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Should have made it more clear I am looking for the PSA 9 conversion and would find it a miracle to get anything more. It was meant to be more of a joke that if I was actually correct in my analysis, perhaps it might crossover better than expected.

Since there is no other option than a 10 past grading a 9, my hope was in the amount I have studied this card there was as slight chance something was graded incorrectly and perhaps it would convert over. In no way do I want a psa 9 quality card with a 10 grade, it was only in the review of others that I have thought it may have a shot. As in for example with another card, there was a grader that missed a crease in a card and gave it a 9. In this scenario however, I believe this is a strong 9 that I am looking to move over to PSA as people have advised it would have a better standing. This was my main question and I appreciate the suggestions.

If asked would I prefer a BGS 9 with two 9.5s and two 9 subgrades OR a PSA 9…I’d probably take the BGS. But that’s just me.


Looking forward to the pictures.

I also advise you to have a VERY good look at the surface, which is sometimes hard to do with an encased card. It’s weird that you say you see nothing wrong but it has 9 subs on edges and also surface which might seem like a solid number, but BGS just appears to be very inconsistent with the subgrades they give.

Here’s a good example of SOLID subgrades(2 10s and 1 9.5) and I’m not all that confident if it would earn PSA 9 so I’m just keeping it as is. There seems to be 2 very slight scratches on the holo but it still earned a 9.5 subgrade. Then you have the whitening on the back edge which got a 10. lol

By the way I have another BGS 9 I think would struggle to earn PSA 7-7.5 so whatever you do, know it’s a bit of a gamble and make sure to properly inspect your card. :blush:

I would appreciate any feedback. I have looked with a bright light for about 15 minutes now and cannot find any scratches on the holo or the main front. There is a little silvering that I am a little worrisome about however it is not huge. The big white dots I realized are just specks on the case and they came off. Being this is a strong 9, I would prefer to keep it in the case with the sub grades however, unless magically it could be deemed as a chance to send off then id proceed that way.


What’s that white on the bottom back center?

Proof that BGS makes mistakes.

Edit: I assume Gary was talking about poken00b88‘s post.

Right above the logo is a chip in the case, I believe that is what you are referencing. Thanks for the help Gary, I appreciate it.

No, at the very bottom back edge in the center.

This thing?

Wow I was confused for a solid minute. That is actually from the picture that was referenced by poken00b88. he was showing how BGS is not always what they seem. That is the bottom of his chansey. The only pictures I posted are in that ‘imjur’ file.