Creased Charizard for $2000+?

There’s an auction for a Base-First Charizard with a “very minor crease in the top right corner and middle” in addition to minor whitening and scratches. Therefore, it is fair to say it’s probably a PSA 7 at best (?)

If so, thoughts on an ungraded (but PSA 7 quality) Charizard breaking $2k?

“a very minor crease in the top right corner and middle which does not damage the card in any way, and are not visible to the human eye”


hahahaha I’m dead.

Anyways, the card has a crease in the middle and it’s pretty damn visible… doesn’t really look shilled either… hmmmm :confounded:

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I think the fake stamp is the biggest issue. This was discussed in another thread, let me find it…

EDIT: found it

I still laugh at the description

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lol your parody of the description in the other thread is golden


That gave me a good laugh, good eye though I didn’t even look at the stamp while examining the condition.

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Almost every bidder have 100% bidding history on this one item… The 1st edition stamp is also quite off position. I actually reported the listing a couple days ago but ebay doesn,t really care. When I informed the seller about the stamp he reported me for harassing him. lol


I might be missing something, but the bidders on the item seem legit (a wide variety with significant amount of feedback). Do you see any evidence of fishy bidding?

And it might just be on my phone, but the pictures don’t seem to be large or of high enough quality to really examine the stamp. But if the stamp looks fishy I suppose that makes the price even more impressive, right?

I just reported the item too, citing the fake stamp. It would likely help the buyer recuperate more easily if a lot of us report it to make the case for eBay much easier (since we can’t contact the buyer directly).

“Fair to say a 7”? Multiple creases, whitening, scratches… :thinking:

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Sounds like a BGS 7 to me.


Yeah, I wouldn’t bank on it being a 7. I’m more confident that it’s a 7 at best

Would you happen to know what the record price is for an ungraded Base-First 'Zard on eBay?

$5,000 something. It wasn’t that far back, and it at best would have gotten a PSA 9 on centering alone.

I have a PSA7 Charizard that’s in way worse condition. Is there a big gap between a 6 & 7 or am I just lucky?

Your card most likely doesn’t have a crease and you’re only comparing edge/corner wear? I heard a crease insta brings a grade down to 6. Then you add scratches on holo and some wear…

The seller told me this card was sent to PSA, so it doesn’t take a genius to assume it received a stupid low grade… probably a 5 or so.

It’s also most likely fake.

@lexleo When it comes to most auctions, one can only assume the bidding is suspicious… so there’s no evidence this sale isn’t legit. That being said, I would not use feedback level as proof of a bidder. It really doesn’t mean anything. You can actually buy ebay accounts for a few dollars or have friends bid on your items.

What I was saying is these bidders have only bid on this one item in the last 30 days… There has been plenty of 1st ed Charizard on ebay, most of them way cheaper… so it’s a weird situation.

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Looks like a(n actually graded) 7 just popped the $2000 cherry:

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