Collectable Trade Shows

Does anyone have experience with any of the trade shows PSA lists on their website HEREHave you been to one of these before? Is it interesting enough for someone if they only collect Pokémon? Do you have experience with collectable shows in general? I’m open to hearing anyone’s opinion.

I ask because one of the shows listed is very close to where I live.

Frank and Sons has been going for 20 years and I first went in 1999. Fun to go through. I’m no longer in California but if I recall they were open every Wednesday and Saturday. A ton of my no symbols and shadowless came out of that building back then.


Just graded a handful of cards a PSA 10 I picked from there a few weeks back.

Definitely just turned into a regularly attending thing for me now lol


I should clarify, the one near me is the “Sport Card & Memorabilia Expo” so it’s definitely leaning more to the sports side of collecting.

What are the odds there will be some Pokémon sellers too?

Now I’m going to have to get there 15 minutes before they open. :stuck_out_tongue:

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