Flea Market and Goodwill finds

Here in San Antonio there are a TON of both. I’ve never had any luck…

Anyone ever find any hits at these places?

The only thing I’ve found were a bunch of Energy cards from an old book store lol.

Please share your lucky finds here!

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At the Franks & Sons Collectible Show that’s in Southern California, I met a seller who had MINT 1st Edition Neo Revelation Holos including the three Legendary Dogs and a Shining Magikarp!

Was able to purchase them and grade the dogs a 9, and Magikarp a 10!


Years ago, when friends were starting to explain MTG to me, I found a huge box of old MTG cards at a Goodwill that started my collection and play. Haven’t found anything worthy to note since, though. I do check my local Goodwill every Tuesday when they do rotations for new items.

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I’ve scored a few times at Salvation Army thrift store over the years… mint Pokémon comics from the 90’s mint condition 20 cents each. I also found 9 E-series holos for 25cents a piece. It’s like finding a needle in a hay stack! I love the feeling


I live in Cleveland Ohio. Have found so many great deals from different cities. Have yet to make a deal locally here, but I don’t check flea markets or garage sales

I havent been there in a longtime! You hit the jackpot! Congrats on the grades!

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I stand corrected. I did find a set of 4 MINT comics at an old book store and that’s been about it (since I’ve started looking).

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Columbus Ohio here. I went to a yard sale a few weeks ago where a girl had literally thousands of cards, including a ton of Japanese e-series cards I needed!


I’ll actually be on a road trip down the Route 127 yard sales this year looking for cards! Starting in northern Ohio ending in Chattanooga.

In the past I’ve found some oddities but nothing extream. Shadowless and base 2000 is about as good as I’ve come across


Nothing too crazy, but couple years ago I found 3 sealed TOPPS packs from a local flea market. Bought them all, they were like 1,50 € for a pack.

Today all I see at flea markets is sealed fake cards lol

Ugh never find anything here in columbus

If you’re local I’ll send you a DM next time I find something. Also, always happy to trade! :blush:

Someone from the Netherlands here. Last year I found a complete Southern Islands set in its original binder on a flea market in Utrecht. Other than that I never found anything spectacular.

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LOL I found a box of MTG cards under a table @ an ice cream store i used to manage. Nobody ever to claim them so I kept em ; o


Got a nice binder of cards at a garage sale a couple weeks ago for $5. Mostly gen 3 and get 4 stuff with some older stuff mixed in. Probably worth $50 as is–but the most valuable piece in the transaction was the binder itself haha, one of those Pokemon-trademarked ones from the Gen 4 era

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Wow I didn’t realize so many people were local, that’s awesome!

I live in the Philadelphia area and over the years I’ve gotten a couple good deals at Zern’s/QMart (Farmer’s Market/Flea Market)…

Good Deals
* 9 NM No Symbol Jungle Holos for $2 a peice
* 100+ Mint/NM Base Set Rares and 20+ Base Set 2000 carsa for $50
* Alot of shadowless holos @ unlimited prices

Best Deals
* 2 Sealed Pikachu Records CD Promos for $50
* Around 15 old WoTC packs stashed in an old shoebox for $100

20 years ago I got two staff lab coats with nice Pokémon embroidery from a Hawaiian tourney. They were at a swap meet the week after the event.


Oh, I didn’t know it was happening! I’ll look it up and see if I have time. I have to build a robot race track with a giant sand castle on it this weekend for an intern event I’m running at work. Long story, I won’t derail the thread lol.

There is an auction a quarter mile from my house every Thursday evening. It’s mainly antiques (knick knacks and furniture), tools and farm equipment, and peoples unwanted accumulated junk from storage. Every once in a while some pokemon stuff shows up though! I usually always get whatever it is, and its always been for killlller prices. No one that attends the auction is into or really knows much/cares about pokemon. I live in a very rural farming community so it works out great for me!

Thursday morning, they display pictures on their website of some of the stuff they will have prior to the auction. Check out what is there this week! EX ruby&sapphire theme deck! Appears to be sealed still too!

I bet i get this for less then 10 bucks!

In the past I have gotten:
-a binder of 100 or so cards for 8 bucks that included a gold star celebi (which graded a 7).
-An empty English first edition base set booster box that was filled with cards (mainly junk japanese bulk but it have 5 good cards: 2 1st ed base holos hitmonchan and gyarados, 1st ed base dragonair, japanese sabrinas gaze, and a shadowless squirtle) for 30 bucks. This was last week’s auction!
-A plastic tote about the size of a shoebox full of random cards for 3 bucks, it had a bunch of LP holos and standard early wotc bulk
-a charmander Christmas tree ornament for 2 bucks

  • 2 sealed McDonald’s pokemon toys that contain a card that I can’t see in either for 3 bucks
  • 2 large Ziploc bags that had a bunch of mostly more modern stuff i know nothing about for 2 bucks

I think that’s it. By the way the auction minimum is 2 bucks, hence the common theme.