Your "silly/derpy" moment(s) in collecting!

As a kid when Base Set came out, I and my parent went and bought a Base Set starter deck and a base set Binder. Awesome!

Came home and unwrapped the deck as fast as I could and added everything to my newly Base Set binder. Awesome.

Then, next week or so, we went back and purchased two or three more same starter decks.

Came home and that was when I got very confused. All the purchased decks all had the same cards! I had always assumed Deck was like a big pack, mini-booster box or something :sweat_smile:

This memory somehow hit me today, so I just wanted to share and am curious to hear about yours!


When I was a kid, I used the top of my mom’s trunk as a table when showing off my cards/collection to my friends. Well one day, I accidentally forgot to take my entire binder and my coveted Pokemon Silver cartridge from the top of my mom’s trunk. You can imagine how devastated I was when I found out that she drove away with it!

When she came back home, we jumped in the car and retraced her steps, but the binder and cartridge were never found. I was so distraught that I stopped collecting Pokemon cards in lieu of the more angsty Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! card games that my older friends were playing/trading.

Needless to say, I had major regrets that I didn’t rebuild my collection. It wouldn’t have been hard to rebuild my collection, but I was too stubborn to revisit what I had lost.

Moral of the Story: Don’t let a silly mistake ruin your passion. Lost cards can be replaced. New memories can be made.


I did not consistently attend my local Pokémon League, I usually only went as a guest with other friends who did attend it more regularly. My experience at League was much like going to a cousin’s birthday party — a bunch of kids my age who I didn’t recognize, a couple kids I did recognize who were busy with friends I didn’t know, and everybody competing and one up each other as the coolest kid present. Kids were set up in little pods and pockets around the store, which had no formal event space, examining one another’s binders and brokering exchanged that could only happen there because their moms didn’t know each other and they couldn’t hang out.

I saw a lot of cards at these events I had never seen elsewhere. New cards from sets I hadn’t seen before (hello Rocket), cards in Japanese, modest cards I knew existed but had never seen (like Pidgeotto), but most of all I saw promos. Promos were the coolest to me. They defied the conventions of regular cards. Even the most mundane ones felt special.

Due to the enormous volume they were printed and distributed, I’d gotten my hands on a non-holo Mew (Promo #8). To my knowledge, this was the only Mew. I had no reason to believe there was another one. So when I saw the holo #9 in a woman’s binder (one of the participating mothers) I was gobsmacked. Did other kids know about this card? I had to have it. I would trade anything for it. I would give my whole collection. A holographic Mew, goddamn, this had to be the pinnacle of Pokémon cards.

I don’t remember what I offered her or how pathetically I might have pleaded. Maybe she wasn’t very invested in the cards themselves and was just there to support her kid. But she agreed to trade me the Mew #9. The pride and fear I felt as I held that mirage of a card was tremendous. I could never possibly want a card more than that one right then, and it was all mine.

I imagined losing my entire collection in a flood or a fire, and it would all be okay if I still had this Mew. I thought how I would never be tempted to trade for something special ever again because nothing could be more special than this. While other kids swapped set cards and coveted starter holos I had a Mew. A holo Mew! Let’s see anyone’s older brothers compete with this one! I would be the envy of all children.

No sooner had I accepted I would never obtain a card more unique and precious than this one, the woman turned the page and I saw Eevee #11. What the fuck!! A holographic Eevee!? Eevee isn’t even a fully evolved Pokémon! Only 30 HP?? Whaaaat??

I had not even put the Mew away, the card that would end all cards, before I started begging her for the Eevee too. I was certain I would never see that card again. It was all or nothing. It was try or die. This card was weird! Even though I had just claimed I wanted that Mew more than anything else on earth, now all I wanted was that weird Eevee. Seemingly moved by my wormlike lack of dignity, she gave me the Eevee as well. Moms fucking rule, folks. I don’t know what to tell you other than that.


I spent my weekly allowance on Topps because I couldn’t find any real Pokemon cards. It happened more than once too.

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Towards the end of fifth grade (2010), when my friends and I were kind of over Pokemon, I decided to give my deck to one of my friends. The entire thing. I straight up handed him my deck that I had been building up over the last year or so.

The deck wasn’t for playing as my entire class was mostly just collectors.
I must have handed off 12 or so of them plus a lot of my favourite holo cards.

Boy I sure am glad that I never became interested in Pokemon cards again…

I actually reached out to this friend and asked if he still had them, but unfortunately, he said they were long gone. :frowning_face:


I bought a fake mario pikachu :rowlett:


Not pokemon related, but I traded a Blue Eyes White Dragon (idk which version, probably the one that came from a Kaiba deck. It was the same art that Kaiba had on his in the original tv show) to some kid in school because he said he’d give me an Egyptian god card. Spoiler, he didn’t…

Interestingly though, he ended up later “giving” me another Blue Eyes that was the other artwork from LOB. Not sure who ended up winning in that exchange…

When I was getting back into Pokemon, I went to a comic store and the owner had a binder of Yugioh cards, so I ended up buying a new blue eyes that had that Kaiba deck art.


I remember when Jungle released I went to my local KB Toys and got my hands on a 1st edition pack. Inside was a non-holo Electrode.

Me: I didn’t know Jungle had reprints…


Me: hates theme decks, hates theme deck holos, hates Base set 2, knows Base set 2 holos won’t satisfy the Base set urge

Also me: buys a Lightning Bug theme deck from Base set 2 to get the holo Chansey as a consolation prize for not having the Base set Chansey


Every time is forgo buying a graded copy of a card I need because “the copy I have at PSA is so clean! It’s sure to come back a 10”

This happens a lot :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


When I was a kid I spent a good 2-3 years telling everyone to stop buying me Pokemon cards for birthday/Christmas presents and to buy me sealed 1990s Topps Baseball instead. Thought I was big-braining it and going to be rich by my twenties. Safe to say those things are all completely worthless. :sweat_smile:


I’ve shared this one before, but it all started when I was 7 years old. My first ever experience opening a Pokemon product was Base Set 2. We (my family) didn’t have a lot of money at the time, but my mom gave me and my sister a small allowance for the day and went to the LGS. I bought a Base Set 2 booster pack and opened it in the store. Out of all cards to get, I actually pulled Charizard. I knew it was a big deal, but from playing Pokemon Blue my favourite of the big 3 was Blastoise so I didn’t really ‘care’ as much as I should have.

My sister begged me to keep the card because she understood the value more than I did, but like an idiot, I traded it in the same day to the store owner and he gave me a starter (theme?) deck and some more booster packs for it. In hindsight, probably not a completely terrible deal but not a great deal either, knowing how valuable WOTC-era Charizards have become.

The good news is, I finally bought him back at auction last year. It’s a CGC 9.5 that I’ve put into an acrylic case, but I got it for less than what PSA 9s were selling for surprisingly, so I have no complaints. I got my childhood memory encased forever:


I love reading these :smile:

Back when I was 8 or 9, I was at daycare and my two friends convinced me that a bunch of Pokemon and Yugioh cards were buried at the bottom of the sandbox. So I spent all of our outside time that day digging for treasure. As you can probably guess, there were no cards at the bottom of the sandbox. I should have known better but I needed those cards so I couldn’t risk not finding them.

I still get teased about it 20 years later.


I remembered another story this morning.

My parents hated Pokémon so much. They hated Pokémon cards especially and they did not want to buy them for me. Most packs I got were from asking other people for them for holidays, birthdays, or as impromptu pickups at the pharmacy. Getting a new booster pack was always an occasion and I only got one at a time. So it was a big deal to get them and I never ignored an opportunity to request one.

My parents especially detested that I could plead for Pokémon cards, be indulged, and then be unhappy with whatever was inside. This is probably the biggest reason they felt it was a waste of money.

One day my aunt and uncle were at our house and were going to run some errands before returning with lunch for all of us. As a courtesy, they asked me if I wanted anything while they were out. I said Pokémon cards. They exchanged some glances with each other and my parents before my uncle said sure, they’d get me some. I was ecstatic. I bounced around the house waiting for them to get back in anticipation of having a new pack to open. They returned with a pack of… Topps Pokémon cards.

I was visibly, obviously, disappointed. These were not what I wanted. I detested these things, which were “fake cards” to us children. They were worse than nothing. They were an insult to my interest. My aunt and uncle could not know this, they did not really understand what I was asking for and fulfilled the request as intuitively as they could. Unable to hide my unhappiness, I was chastised for not being grateful as my aunt and uncle tried to say the cards they bought me were cool. I remember my uncle, who had never really seen a Pokémon before, taking the cards and thumbing through them and just reading their names at me. “See, Krabby, that’s a good one. Krabby is good.”

I said something like “these are not real Pokémon cards,” which flabbergasted the adults. They are cardboard squares with cartoon characters on them. How is there any question of legitimacy in this context? How can they not be “real”? This is the sort of semantics that made my parents insane. They thought I was mentally ill, gripped by an exploitative fad that turned children into incomprehensible drones.

I often felt patronized by adults when it came to Pokémon, who didn’t “get it.” They had no frame of reference for why certain things were more desirable than others. I disliked being told that Krabby was a good Pokémon card that I should get excited about. I got defensive. I probably complained that they didn’t get it. Always the crybaby, I probably got bleary eyed and emotional. I ended up taking the stack of cards and throwing them down my basement stairs, where my bedroom was located. I’d pick them up later. For now, I just didn’t want to see them anymore.

A little bit later, someone opened the door to go downstairs and saw the cards strewn about. This was a huge scandal. I had to apologize to my aunt and uncle for being ungrateful. I had to apologize to my parents for embarrassing them. My parents then said they would not buy me any more Pokémon cards ever again because “this was how I treat them.” They told me never to ask for them again. I was angry and upset by this, but my parents almost never bought me Pokémon cards anyway.

But true to their word, my parents never bought my Pokémon cards again and any time I even hinted at it they told me to not even ask. If only I’d kept my cool - I could have continued to get like 2 packs a year on my birthday and Christmas. Pokémon was too emotional for me. To this day, I hate Topps and other “off-brand” Pokémon cards.


When I was collecting Diamond and Pearl in high school, I grew frustrated that I was never able to get 1st edition product at Target despite being there the week of release.


I started collecting again back when team up came out and in one of my first packs I pulled the latios and latias alt art. Then when unbroken bonds came out I sold it for $15 and bought the sylveon and gardevoir alt art instead. obviously I had no idea what would happen to the price of that card but damn lol


When I sold PSA 9 1st Ed Base Charizard for 1k thinking I was making big moves. :expressionless:


In my less upstanding days i paid a friend to steal all the pokemon packs from walmart, i think this was 2012 and 2013, I must’ve ripped thousands and thousands of dollars worth for I believe $10 a trip and wow did i have some incredible pulls. HGSS primes and legends, Call of legends shinies, black and white half art shinies and full arts… every so often i would give the pulls away to random kids though. I mustve had a conscience or something. I remember kids being like “are you sure?” “Thats the best card” yadda yadda yadda. Later on i still remember the fun i had, sure it was dumb and definitely not something i would do again, but its nice to know the cards went somewhere good instead of my pack-ripping-addicted dumb ass. At the time i was 16 and 17, and it was not cool to be into pokemon, but who cares, it could never be cool and id still be doing what i do.

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I brought this card around 2015, sold to me as a misprint :sweat_smile: fortunately it’s real unfortunately it’s pretty beat up :joy:


I’ve told this before but back in a day I passed on authentic University Magikarp around 1200 euros because I thought I’ll get it cheaper later :smile: