Charizard legendary collection reverse holo pricing/grading


Yesterday i was looking through my girlfriend’s old pokemon cards and found this Charizard. I looked it up and saw people selling cards just like this.

I don’t know anything about pricing of pokemon cards so i thought i would ask in here for some advice.

Based on these pictures, what could be the selling price for a card like this? And would it be worth grading it?

It has a vertical line through the foil which is definitely not from a bend. How would this impact the price? Other than that the card is in great shape. There are a few white spots on the edges on the back of the card as you can see in the picture.

Hope somebody can give me some advice on this!

Please ask for more pictures if the pictures i’ve added are inadequate.

Right now, you have an ungraded, near mint (assuming no other hidden creases and what not) card. If you were to throw this up on eBay as it is now, based on a rough look at recent sale prices, I think you could potentially get somewhere in the ballpark of $500-700.

Grading is a pain right now - it takes forever and it’s expensive. In general, a graded card is going to fetch a higher price than its ungraded equivalent; not always true, but in most cases. Assuming you want to sell it, I’d say your best bet is to submit it to CGC at the Express service level (it’ll set you back ~$80, but you’ll get it back within a month or two based on their current turnaround estimates) and list it on eBay for auction or BIN based on similar cards. Roughly, the graded value of the card would be $1,000-$2,000, which as you can see would be worth the $80 or so to have it graded. Even the worst case scenario is likely to be better than the best case scenario of selling it ungraded. Keep in mind this is based on what my best current guess, your actual experience may be vastly different.

For this set, this vertical line is called a print line, and they’re not too uncommon. For cards that aren’t in mint+ condition, print lines don’t have a huge effect on price for these cards.

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@hypernova, Thanks for the quick and thorough answer. I think i will try grading it via CGC. Is the reason you chose CGC instead of PSA because of the long waiting time at PSA?

Because PSA is closed


Also, I would probably consider this as LP, not necessarily NM but to each individual’s interpretation. The vertical line is a common printing issue with this set and anyone who collects this set understands this. I sold the entire set raw for LP-NM condition for $6k sometime last year (not that it gives you an estimate). It would be nice graded but as @admiral mentioned, PSA is closed for additional grading, unless you pay a hefty fee and it isn’t worth it… CGC is a decent alternative like the above posts say.

Doing the math, calculating “Time is money”, if you got time to spare and it doesn’t matter down the line, then it might be worth it.

As an idea, I sent cards last August and they are still at “Research and ID” lol.

I agree that the card is LP, which is another reason why OP should get it graded first lol. Because grading companies would give it an ~8, and buyers vastly overestimate the quality of 8s. But if he tries to sell it raw, he’ll struggle to get 8 prices because people will view it as an LP card. It’s irrational, but it’s how the market operates currently.

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