Charizard "collector" edition from dragon majesty

I was just browsing youtube when i came upon a unlistedleaf video about some rare charizard from dragon majesty. So, I checked ebay and my question is it a real card or what? In my opinion I think its fake, but im just wondering.
Unlistedleaf’s video

some sold listing i found


There is already many locked discussions on this. Its a matter of opinion. The card is real, the stamp is whats so controversial. Not sure who gave this annoying youtuber one; but its all a matter of opinion.

You should read more about it in depth before making a judgement whether its ‘fake’ or not, but in my opinion its not, its a 1/400 card & has sentimental value from being given out at the FIRST ever collector pokemon event that Charlie put together. Stamp was approved by un-named Pokemon employees, by the same company that stamps the ‘STAFF’ cards. To me the card is real, if its was supposed to be made or not, it was made. So its real.


Give it a search with some good key words in the threads here next time, you’ll find most of the info you need :blush:

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The card is real with an aftermarket stamp. Theres already a locked thread about it.

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This is untrue. It is not an aftermarket stamp. You are spreading false information.


@fritz,Oh so this was actually stamped and released by PCI? If it was my bad.

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Can anybody give real concrete information on what exactly this is? Unless there’s another thread lurking out there, all we have is a locked thread by Charlie distancing himself from it.

For attendees who got it:
How was it distributed?
Who distributed it?
How was it stamped?

From what I can tell, based on a couple videos I saw, it would appear someone added this stamp to a bunch of already existing Charizards. That guess is solely based on the less than ideal condition a lot of these cards are already in. I’d love to know more about this card.

Nope, that’s the problem. The concrete information cannot be provided.

If you really want to know, dig into it and ask the people who do know. Come to your own conclusions. The truth is subjective at this point.


Oh no


Maybe needs it in the title.

You’re not gonna fish out information here to link back to on other platforms. If you really want to know, ask the vendors/collectors that attended, the creator of the event/E4 admins, and ask people on discord voicechat. Otherwise you’re just asking for arguments that will lock the thread because there are too many emotions/vested interests about this card.

Things are in motion now…

Unfortunately its a bit of a controversial subject and has led to locked threads here. But as its been said, it was handed out at a collector/fan event that went alongside Hartford Regionals. It is not a licensed or recognized promo, but the creator of it did receive some minor blessings from some people. People have sent it in to be PSA graded only for it to be denied a grade. Item has its fans because of the event and who made it, but it does not have the full blessing of either organized play or PCL

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Was able to search and skim some information from a deleted thread. What @sevenjirachis77 says is correct. The Charizard card is real, the stamp was not made or ordered by the Pokemon Company.

I guess in this situation you could just look at it as a very elaborate signature meant to signify a special occasion. Really cool card. If any of this is wrong let me know.

All of that is right, these are real cards with even a “real” stamp. Thinking of it as an elaborate signature to comemorate a special occasion is a good way to think about it. Item does not have official blessings and will never be a gradable card, but its a memory for some of its holders

Let’s say you had a booth at the local Anime convention. Then you sent off a bunch of cards to be stamped “Ultímate Collector”. Then you gave them out to people there at the show.

That’s essentially what happened here. Would you consider those real or fake?
I think it was a fun idea.

It’s not a real card.


Anyone who gets so caught up with the term “real” and so worked up over this card just loves drama. That is why all the previous threads ended up locked and not just that but deleted. I expect this one to unfortunately meet the same fate. That is also why a card like this is unlikely to ever happen again and same goes for another collector event being contained within/alongside a regional event.

The card is what it is. Appreciate it for just that. Don’t make it more or less than it is. You couldn’t pull it from a pack. You couldn’t win it. You couldn’t just buy a bunch of them in advance. To get one you had to attend in person or have a body there in person to attend for you. The base card is identical to the dragon majesty charizard. Made with the same cardstock, ink, and done on the same equipment as the rest of them. The stamp is the same foil and made on the same equipment in the same way as all the staff, top 32, champions stamped “real” cards. The item was handed out at the first “real” collector event that happened in Hartford, CT on the weekend of and alongside in the same convention center, but separate from the regional event. The regional was free to attend and the collector event was a cordoned off area contained within the regional that required an entry fee and the card was further only given to those opting for the VIP entry.

The card is unique. A lot of hard work and effort went into the event. A lot of hard work and effort went into making the card happen. This card could not be made in the same way on the same equipment as the “real” cards by any individual who claims this card to not be real.


Yeah this is def gonna get locked. People going out of their way to argue it’s legitimacy. But that’s kinda the beauty of this card. It’s controversial and has a good story. Also all good points by @gottaketchumall,

Yea same stamping technique and all for sure, but Top 32, Top 16, Finalist, Champion, etc. cards are directly distributed to players via Organized Play and are ordered, sanctioned, and made official by OP. Definitely a difference between source of origin. These collector Zards weren’t produced or distributed by Organized Play

As mentioned above these cards are unique and a lot of hard work went into the event, but I don’t think when people ask questions like the OP trying to ascertain the origin/story behind the card it helps when this part gets sugarcoated as people are trying to inform themselves