FAKE Charizard Prerelease Staff stamp



Am I the only one that screamed the title in my head?


My gut says legit but where did you get it from exactly?

Few red flags for me on that one.

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Prerai all over again…

Would love to see a much clearer and closer up image of the STAFF stamp itself to compare with others.

Looks real to me

Do you prefer a photo without artificial light? and zoomed?

best quality of my iphone

The thing that stuck out to me right away about this one is that the middle part of the “A” in Staff is fully closed. Did some ebay searches and every single A in other Staff charizards is not fully closed in the middle. Seems a bit fishy and could be an intentional “error” made by someone.


where did you get it @kami2014



I’d take a Staff promo with a similar stamp and compare the positioning of stamp of that card and the Charizard upside down.

If they are at the same position, it might be legit. However, unless another non-Charizard Staff promo with a similar error surface, it might just be a fake stamp. It is no coincidence that after so many staff promos that had been released, the only one that came to public is the most expensive of the Staff promos.

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If I look at my two PSA graded STAFF charizards in my collection, the staff logo on the shown card, in this thread, is much thicker and more rugged in the ege of the letters. on the upside down stamp the S and T touch each other while there is nearly 1 mm between the S and T on the 2 cards i have.

The stamp it self is placed to low, compared with the original stamp witch is 4,3 cm from the top and 4,3 cm from the bottom. The upside down stamp is 4,4 cm from the top and 4,2 cm from the bottom.

So i would say it is a fake stamp. Sorry.

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Ugh why would someone do that to a Prerelease zard…

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maybe, but i find other photos of other staff charizard with the word bold. I don’t know, psa have the last word

why should nintendo use 2 different STAFF print´s when so few copy´s were printed. I think all the STAFF cards were printed in the same print run and therefore will have the same stamp. So maybe all the other bold prints out there are fakes as well?

I do not have the final clue, but something is not right here. But as kami2014 said there is an easy solution send the card to PSA, an let see what they say about it.

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I don’t believe this is an instance where I’d trust the opinion of PSA. They should be able to identify the card as being real, but the stamp… not so much.