CGC opens a forwarding office in Munich, Germany

My guess is they HAD a problem with customs. Now they solved it but have a month+ worth of backlog they need to send to the US. So not everything moves at once. I’m sure your cards are fine.


Your prayers have been heard! (Title of this thread has been renamed)

My cards arrived in the US and are now in Grading / Encapsulation / Imaging already.
Would be nice if they gave the “lagging” EU submissions priority :).


I am facing a change with sending cards back to middleman office in Munich. Previously the grades have been announced at the exact moment the cards where sent back to Munich. Now my status changed to “Returning to Submission Center” without a display of the grades I got. Also: I did not receive the invoice so far which previously also was sent at this exact moment. Nothing to worry about, just an information for all your current or future submissions :slight_smile:

Seems like our cards are in the same batch in that case ;). Mine are also on their way back as we speak. They were in the “Finalizing” stage for 10 days so glad to see them moving again.

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It seems there are still problems.
My cards still haven’t moved…
Received by CGC Munich on 24th of October.

All they answer when I ask is that they are still working on the problem.
Here is the last answer I got on 20th of November : « I understand that you are worried, but please be aware that we still have problems with some shipments, some of which are on hold due to a problem with customs.
You will see the updated status as soon as we have resolved the issue. »

It’s starting to make me really angry. I love CGC but I am really disappointed by their behavior with this problem. Absolutely zero communication on their website or else. Barely answering emails…

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Mine are also still stuck in the submission center since September 26th. I wrote them a mail a few days ago and they told me that my cards would soon be graded. No explanation no excuses. Their service is bad…
I could have just sent them to the USA by myself and would have my cards back by now.
I would recommend them to anyone.

I finally have a real answer : my cards will be sent on Wednesday 6th of December.

I have given up all hope of getting them before Christmas but at least they are safe…

I will still grade with them since I like this company, but I got really disappointed by the management they had with this customs problem. They should at least have sent an email to all customers who had their cards blocked…


Update : my cards are finally on their way to the USA

Received by CGC Munich : 24/10/2023
Sent to CGC US for grading : 06/12/2023

Let’s hope they will be graded quickly (even if I am sure I won’t have any kind of priority after this big delay…)

I hope it will have caught up their delay next time I send in a few weeks :slight_smile:

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I am about to send a batch of cards to CGC Munich. Does anyone have an official statement that this issue is solved or do we still expect the 6+ weeks idle time in Munich before shipping?

The issue is solved :slight_smile:

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Issue solved but probably still a little bit of delay since they need to catch up. You will have a really shorter time I am sure :slight_smile:

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