Carddass Pocket Monsters Anime Collection Sealed Booster?

I got this mysterious booster pack from my Secret Santa this year and I was wondering if anyone knows more about it.
I can find more of the Anime Collection cards for sale but no sealed booster packs.
Does any of you Carddas or pack collectors know more about this? What could it be valued at? :blush:

hehehe, cardass! i love it! i think they have some cool bandai print runs.

To be honest i have not seen them in little plastic sleeves like this, usually this is how the older carddass sets we’re distributed, exactly in these boxes:

The spill rate was usually 1 complete set of 45 cards, including about 9 holograms per box, 5 holograms would make the set.
These would look very similar to the ones in your packet.

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Obviously they are professionally packaged with the UPC barcode and all so must be an authorized product.
There’s a prism foil showing which the description says is one out of 3 packs on average.

This is correct I’m fairly sure, being as the back of the label says “from japan” my guess is that these were sold in another country in this manner rather than with the standard japanese packaging. Is there any text of the actual cards?

I got a bunch of these packs in a trade recently. I had no idea how to value them, also I have no idea if the 1/3 pack holofoil is always showing in the pack.

It would make more sense if the majority of the holo card location is hidden inside the pack, so people who bought them at retail would not just pick and choose. I found a youtube video of a girl opening 3 of them without a holo showing and she did not get a holo.

The pack shown contains cards mentioned here.

From what we can gather the packs are unlicensed and contain counterfeits.

I’m surprised no one flagged these packs already.

They contain chase prism cards in 1 in 3 packs, yet you can see the contents…

There is also no branding, or copyright material printed on the packs either, even though they address the prospective purchaser.

I don’t buy it.

Authentic cards from the vending series came in boxes. The boxes contained packs which weren’t made as a product for retail purposes and were intended to be opened by the vendining machine operator for easy handling. They basically have a paper band around them to ensure they don’t spill everywhere.

They look like this:


@rainbowgx is very obviously correct.

You can even tell from the back of the card that it’s a counterfeit right away just from reading the text alone:

Real cards will always have “Bandai 1999 Made in Japan” in the text.

However, there are a TON of fake ones that still have the full text too - so don’t be fooled just because it has the full text. This version just happens to be more fake in appearance than others.

@rainbowgx - maybe add the box and “pack” releases to your guide? You’re the only one I know who has made a definitive list on this.

Edit: Sorry, just saw you linked to the counterfeit ones missing the text. XD

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Yeah, I think that’s likely a good idea. The main post needs an update anyway. I just haven’t had time at the moment.

To further criticise these packs:

The pack claims the cards were made in Japan which conflicts against the defence put forward by some for why they contain missing text, claiming they were licensed and produced for Hong Kong.

The packs also claim to be collectible, not the cards themselves, and the writing in the blurb is weak overall. It also never mentions pokemon, nor Bandai which immediately raises alarms.

In my view it’s clear that Bandai didn’t produce these packs. No evidence has surfaced to support them while on the other hand we continue to gather evidence to the contrary, showing they are more likely inauthentic. Every time they show up it’s in some suspicious fashion.

I’ve also not seen any other comparable products to these packs. To my knowledge, Bandai only released the series in vending machines. As a direct comparison, Bandai later introduced a specialty box being the Pokemon weekly, which was released both in a box and in vending machines, the boxes contained a brick of cards (among other items).

Images by Pichufan.