BGS authentic NOT actually authentic (?)

I just saw this card on ebay and it says authentic by BGS, but from what I know that’s a fake card, the holo is like a sticker stuck on top of a random Anime Collection card. The Anime Collection set has secret holos that you can peel, but the artwork of the holo is always related to the peeled card (that is shown on the back) on top of the holo and in this case it’s just another proof of the ‘‘fakeness’’ of the card.

What’s do you do in this case? Just in case someone ends up buying it.

Both PSA & BGS have graded quite a number of fake Bandai cards.

In this case, a buyer can only protect oneself by being aware and knowledgeable of such fakes unfortunately.

With that said, I hope the seller is being unaware of it and is not intentionally selling a fake card without mentioning it.


Looks authentic to me? What am I missing?

The front isn’t something that belongs to the Anime Collection Set and I’ve never seen that type of card in Japan. The back is definetely from the Anime Coll. Set, but the front is always the same as the image on the back of the card and if it’s a secret holo card the front is different, but still related to the image on the back

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I’ve seen dozens of these before and they’re all identical. So you’re saying they are all fake?

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I’ve been trying to gather information on them by no luck so far. I think here on w4 there are some threads about them.
I’ve also seen them from time to time, but never in on japanese sites. The Anime Collection Set doesn’t include them as far as I know (from listings on japanese sites and open boxes).
Unless they were printed in the US for example I don’t think they are real

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Is this one fake too?

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To me yes because the front should be like the one in the picture below. Maybe @rainbowgx has the final answer since he created this [guide


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There are many though where the backs don’t match the front. Doesn’t make them fake though. Curious what our Bandai/Carddass experts here say?

@garyis2000, if you look at the link with the Anime Collection card you can see what the ‘‘style’’ is for that set and that the psa/bgs card doesn’t belong to that set + (and I’m repeating myslef, I know) the difference of the front vs the back is the biggest revealing feature (also the holo/artwork).

Yep I’ve seen them on facebook and ebay, but fake cards aren’t rare after all. Maybe when pokemon was popular in the '90s people made them as stickers or something like that to make some money.
Still, some have a decent artwork, but it would be nice to have a final answer on their legitimacy.

@garyis2000 , hey Gary, I’m no expert but here’s my detective skills to determine it probably is fake:

  1. The back of the “story” is a copy of this card: like andrea said, the series has the same front in the back of the card…this one doesn’t:

  1. They misspelled Pocket Monster (It’s Pocket Monsters).

  2. This card looks like a microsoft paint crop of Charizard and Pikachu, and they did the same thing to this card

  1. Seems like when they use the pokeball, it’s by itself, and never with a copy pasted pikachu on top of it (as you can see from the real pidgeot story card).

  2. For a charizard card in the front, there is 0 mention about the charizard. The back just talks about the story of ash and pidgeot.


It is interesting. I’ve had loads of these different backs that never appeared to have had stickers added to them. I always figured Bandai just simply blew it. Can anybody find one and try to separate the sticker from the actual card? I think I sold all mine to Nick.

As far as I’m aware cards like these are fake and are believed to have been produced and distributed in China. The more common fakes apply a holofoil effect to the entire card, which is an obvious tell-tale sign as the real holofoil cards do not apply the holofoil effect to the card’s border.

This is a real card:

Whereas this is a fake:

Here is another real card:

And here is a fake with a different holofoil style to the previous one:

Here’s an example of a slightly different style of real card:

And here is a fake one of those which PSA has also graded:

Here is an example of a real holofoil card from the first style (notice how it doesn’t cover the border or text):

…and here is a real holofoil version of the second design (notice how it doesn’t cover the text):

The fact that this particular auction is for a card which shows the reverse of the #9 card and the fact it says “Pocket Monster” on the front but “Pocket Monsters” on the back is a big red flag.


Here is what looks to be the same card in the OP but with a different holo pattern.

All of this is very interesting to me because I love the original part 1-4 Carddass cards but I’m always paranoid of fakes. Has anyone come across any part 1-4 fakes??

@antcom, besides those horrible holo ones part 4 and 5 are the ones I see most often. Mostly with missing “Made in Japan” text. You can read about it in carddass anime guide.

I just got a couple fakes in the mail today that made it passed PSA. The seller didn’t post pics of the backsides of cards. Should’ve been a red flag but they are reputable it seemed. Not sure what all I should do. Is there a way to contact PSA about this issue, should I out the seller publicly if they deny it? They are the increasingly common fakes missing “MADE IN JAPAN” text.


Contact Seller, they may have not known - send them the link to this thread/proof they are fake if that fails progress the course of action to eBay and so on