BW promos value

Hi everyone.
I received a bunch of BW promos in a larger lot a while ago.
Chances are I wont complete the set as there’s so damn many and promos aren’t really one of my collection focuses.
Just wondering if there are any which are particularly valuable (over $10) off the top of your heads which i may be able to use for decent trades if I decide not to keep them. Will save me a large amount of time sifting through ebay listings for price points.


Yeah, Pidove, Axew and Pansage from the Toys-R-Us exclusive blister pack are all worth $10+(I think they’re BW14-16). Don’t know which other ones are worth more than $5 though…

thanks for the fast response

The worlds promos (BW28; BW50; BW95) & Genesect 101 are also worth more then $10. The genesect is ATM +$100 on ebay.

That would be a nice surprise!

Some of the more expensive ones are from blisters released only in the UK. Ampharos, Mew and Ninetales spring to mind. One of the real sought after ones is the Genesect from the DVD. BW 101 I believe? I could be wrong. But they’ve proven themselves to be extremely hard to find, and I’ve seen people offering $80+ for them.

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Genesect I’d say.

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Those blisters were also available in Belgium :wink:

And yeah I’m a ninja :stuck_out_tongue:


BW52 Lillipup is valuable because it was released in one of the least-appealing box packages of all time and almost nobody bought it.

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Thanks for the responses everyone, will have to check, hopefully I have a couple decent ones amongst them.

If that Lillipup was worth $20, and I saw the promo box for $15, I still wouldn’t buy it. That’s how bad it was.


Thanks for the input everyone, nothing good in my bunch by the looks of it. Worth a check.