April 10th - April 16th - Genesect - BW101

Card of the week April 10th - April 16th, 2015****Genesect - BW101

This promo came with the Genesect Movie DVD during the first release cycle of the DVDs, it has since become quite a desirable and hard to obtain Promo card, especially for once that is under 2 years old.

Which was your favourite BW Promo Card?

It’s so frustrating that THIS, rather than any of the three BW-era Worlds Promos, is the one card missing from my BW Promo collection. :confused: (I have the Japanese equivalents of Pikachu and Raichu in the place of BW77/78.)

My personal favorite BW Promos: Minccino 13, Lilligant 49, Drifblim 64, Meloetta 68 and Mew 98.

Apparently there’s a french genesect bw101

I’ve been so close to accidentally purchasing French ones too many times. Hahaha

How much are they going for?

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Have any of these been graded? :blush:

I finally have this card. The English one that is. It’s sealed but I really hate sealed cards cause I can’t even see them. Should I open it?

I have to be honest, this card does nothing for me hahaha :wink:

I just like promo cards because I think they are more fun to collect than sets


Were the Japanese bw77/78 hard to find or expensive? I still have to grab them eventually.

Edit: I guess there are a few of the pikachus up on eBay for 50 USD.

The plastic that they use degrades over many years and can damage the card.

If you open it and store it properly, it’d be good to open it.

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That’s a good point. I have always wondered this about the penny sleeves as well. I know they say acid free but I feel like all plastic has oil in they still need to be changed after awhile to prevent damage.

Missed this earlier. Sorry.

I don’t recall what they sold for, just that they’ve been listed as BINs that were lower than English sale prices.

You should print out a HD picture of the card on card stock and a HD picture of the back of the card stock and insert it onto the missing slots. Cost= only ink + paper