Genesect BW101 Promo

Hi everybody,

Me and another Pokémon collector from the Netherlands are looking for the Genesect BW101 Promo for quite some time now.
I was hoping they would release them in the Netherlands when the Dutch DVD would be released. But it seems this movie will be the first not to be released in Dutch :slightly_frowning_face:

So does anyone have 1 or 2 of these Promo’s for sale, or knows were I can get these?


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Hej Alexander,

(In English to include everyone)

It should be added to the english release of the dvd.

No guarantees, but some research let me here :wink:

Yet, I suspect it needs some sort of indication that it has a promo card inside…

So buy a sealed dvd with this art - YouTube


I already bought the DVD but there was no card inside :slightly_frowning_face:

But it should be, look at the youtube video… Proof :blush:

Was it the exact same one? With the same art on it? Was it sealed?

was it the english release?

Yes it was the exact same DVD and it was sealed.

Only the first release of the DVD contained them.

So how can you tell if it is the first release?

Originally, the card was a preorder bonus, but it was later changed to just have all of the first run copies have the card. Everyone who preordered this on Amazon was guaranteed a copy with the card inside. The reason why this is so hard to find is because not every copy of the dvd came with the card, even if it had the sticker advertising as such. About a month of its release, I came across a few copies at wal-mart with the yellow sticker advertising about the card. I opened one of them since the case was sorta crushed, sold a few and have 2 sealed dvds. The one I opened did in fact have the card in a cello with an advert for the movie in front of it. Since then, it’s been placed in an old school screw case until I can have it graded.

Putting cello sealed cards in a screw down can cause dents in the card that may kill your chance for a good grade.


hey pm me i may be able to help you out=D

This is not a new thread. This is from last year.

This is also why we don’t bump threads from a year ago. It just confuses people.

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