B/W English Booster Boxes

For those who collect English B/W I’d like to get some discussion going on which booster boxes we all think are going to be the best investment for profit down the line.

Black & White
Emerging Powers
Noble Victories
Next Destinies
Dark Explorers
Dragons Exalted
Boundaries Crossed
Plasma Storm
Plasma Freeze
Plasma Blast
Legendary Treasures

I have put away a few booster boxes of Next Destinies, Dark Explorers, and Dragons Exalted, and I am considering Plasma Storm and/or Boundaries Crossed as well.

I think Next Destinies and Dragons Exalted are going to be the 2 best investments because of how popular they were, Dark Explorers a close 3rd. Plasma Storm has a lot of potential because of the Charizard/Blastoise Secrets.

Legendary Treasures is another CoL.

What are your thoughts?

I think Boundaries Crossed will be a good one. It has the greatest overall value right now, so it’s one of those sets where they’re all being opened. It’ll make it harder to find down the line.

Yeah I am strongly considering putting some money into them. 9 Full Art Cards (including 2 Pokegirl Full Arts, which we all know actually does make a difference)

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If I had the extra money, I would purchase one and stash it away right this second. I’d say that’s a very good idea and that you’d have a hard time losing money on the investment. That’s my opinion.

I would be very careful with buying booster boxes or any other pokemon related collectibles as an investment or to make a profit…

I don’t want to sell them in a year, I a talking longer term investment like 5 or 10 years.

Not to mention, these are items where they are very unlikely to go down in price. So you’re really just adding them to your collection with the knowledge that you’ll at least break even in the long run.

That’s why I am pretty confident with the ones I have now. The worst that could happen with ND/DE/DrE are they stay the same price for a few years.

How do you know that? I mean it’s very likely at this time but we cannot predict what the market will be like in 5-10 years from now. I don’t want to talk him out of buying one, I’m just pointing out the risks. If you decide to do it, best of luck!

Generally speaking, all booster boxes go up in value :blush:

I personally think that LTR will be a good set in the near future for profits… I’ve gotten 100 RC FAs stashed away LOL!
The next XY set with the Charizards also will be a huge hit

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Honestly, I have been expecting Pokemon to die since B&W started. I think they did a good job reviving interest and creativity with XY, but everything has its limits and every good thing will run its course and find its end eventually. Nothing lasts forever.

My problem with new stuff (basically anything after the ex series) is that it was so widely mass produced that it won’t ever be rare. D&P stuff is on the line, but everything after that was/is produced in such high numbers that it is dumb to think we won’t find it again in the future. HGSS stuff is a good example. That stuff hasn’t gone up in value. I really doubt BW stuff will, at least it won’t until Pokemon dies.

But Pokemon dieing can be good or bad for prices. It can either cause people to dumb a lot of stuff for cheap, or for people to raise prices because what they have is all that is left. But I doubt the second will happen. I’m sure a lot of interest will be lost when Pokemon dies and prices will drop.

Don’t you know Daelum?? Pokemon may die, but it will just come back later! Look at Mario, sonic hedgehog, legend of zelda, dragonball, mickey mouse, looney tunes, Batman, Spiderman, Transformers, Star wars, star trek, thor, or ninja turtles!

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I really can’t speak for the “newer” Pokemon cards/items (cards/items produced after the WotC era), but as for the older cards/items, I really don’t see those dying out. Since beginning my eBay Business in 2009 WotC Pokemon cards/items have kept climbing in price - some cards/items have increased by 200 to 300 percent! I really don’t think prices will keep climbing, they’ll eventually plateau, but I really don’t think the series will die out completely.

Look at the “Magic the Gathering” (MTG) card series. WotC started that series in the early 1990s and that series is still doing extremely well. While Pokemon isn’t that “hot”, I believe that it’ll stick around just like MTG. And if WotC hadn’t sold the rights to Pokemon I believe the “newer” series would be doing a lot better; but that’s a whole different issue…

General response to what has been posted:

  1. Pokemon is not dying. If they continued to produce during the ex-era when sales were much lower and the tournament circuit was a fraction of what it is today, then I see no logical reason to conclude that they’re hurting now.

  2. These booster boxes are more than a long-run investment. They’re a short-run investment. Boundaries Crossed booster boxes are selling at an easy $110 right not. That’s full, hobby shop, retail price matching. They were going for about 30 bucks less on the secondary market when the set had first come out. And that’s just one example.

  3. Black and White era was a period of growth for the TCG. So while the production runs were a lot higher than some sets, there are also a lot of people that came into the game at this time and are going to have nostalgic value in these cards.

  4. No, we can’t predict the market in 5-10 years detail for detail. But we can be smart about it. Black and White Base Set came out two and a half years ago. That’s not a month ago. That’s a reasonable test. We can see what has maintained some value and what hasn’t. BW Shinies have been a consistently rising item, for example. Black an White Shiny Pikachu has almost tripled in price. So by the logic of “We can’t predict the market,” we should never invest in anything. Which is just not how investing works. There is always some risk, but what we know indicates boxes of some of these sets will be a reasonably safe investment.

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All I can say is do not buy any boxes of Emerging Powers. :wink:


@soulwind that winking face is priceless. LOL!

the plasma sets seem to have a good growth atm.the pokemon tcg isnt really dying its more like growing more than usual.with the tcg I do see that now pokemon is releasing cards that were originally harder to get for kids who cant afford them like lugia ex deoxys ex and so forth.like a few months back tropical beaches were going higher than usual.

Thanks for all the input guys, I really do appreciate the other perspectives on this.

I am not totally sure what other boxes I may put some money into besides what I already have. But I have decided to stay away from Plasma Freeze at the very least. I don’t want to put too many eggs into one basket, but I may just focus on ND/DE/DrE and possibly put some dollars into either Plasma Storm or Boundaries Crossed.

@soulwind - Emerging Powers is poison.

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Boundaries Crossed - Definitely.

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Couldn’t find any Boundaries Crossed Booster Boxes left at the few stores we have in my city. But 1 of them had these:

72 packs total, actually ended up costing me less than what 2 Booster Boxes would have cost me. So these get to be put up in the cupboard for a few years.

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