Buying: BW86 Genesect Promos

I need two.
Let me know if you’ve got them or have a link to somewhere they can be purchased.

Haha I just sold my last one on ebay 2 days ago (I had 7), I’m PokePalace there.
Maybe I can get some more, what are you offering?

I was really, really hoping to stick to $10 + shipping each. I don’t mind paypal gifting or pre-paying so you don’t spend money ordering them.

EDIT: Found one at $10 shipped. Snagged that one.
Just need one more! Help! Haha

I was selling them on ebay buy it now for $10, so that’s fine!
I’ll go ask some friends now if they have some left :wink:

(Here in Belgium, they where easy to find)

Awesome! Thank you so much!

I’ll actually take up to two more, if you like. Have another friend that still needs one too.

So you want 3 then or 4 :stuck_out_tongue:? Saw your edit.

Anyway, I do have the Lucario 3x in my hands, that’s BW85 and was the other blister promo released with Genesect at the same time. If you want that one too.

And I already found a friend who has some :grin:!

I need TWO more. Because I found one and need three in total.
Would he take $20 shipped paypal gift by chance?

And we have plenty of Lucarios. :grin: But thanks!

My friend has 6, I’ll get them all in a trade.
$20 shipped is fine, but it’s normal shipping then (from Belgium) in a toploader of course, it takes about 10-14 days to arrive most times.

But I prefer that you pay when I received them from my friend, normally this week.

That is not a problem at all!

I’ll message you my details. Thanks!

I’m fairly certain my connection fell through, so i still need one of these.