WTB: Japanese GB Venusaur promo

Looking for one in NM/M condition, non-graded. :blush:

How much are you paying?

thecardcollector-uk.com had it for $11.62, so around that price if possible. You have one for sale? :blush:

Yeah, I accidentally bought one a while ago. I’d do $11 for it.

Done deal, thanks Daelum. Much appreciated! Now only GB promo I’m missing is that darn Dark Fearow. :sunglasses:

Hmm I might have a spare 1 I’ll check when I get home. Can you make a quick list of how many there are? I’m always confused as to how many GB promos there is

PS if Cujucuyo already got his, I’m looking for one too if someone has one for sale. Graded or non graded. And really any of the other GB promos except dragonite and mewtwo thanks

Send me a pm I have all 3 and a few more