How many GB promos are there?

I found this on eBay:

I’m confused! Why is there a GB symbol on that dark venusaur card? I thought that was a trainer magazine promo? How many gameboy (GB) promos are there? Anyone have a good list? Thanks!

Dark Ivysaur
Dark Venusaur
Dark Fearow
Great Rocket’s Mewtwo

Got the complete set. Those are all Japanese GB Promos

English is: The meowth and the venusaur (but the venusaur does not have the GB symbol, but was released with pokemon trading card game)

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Awesome thanks for the reply and clarification! :blush: have any extras you want to sell?

Sold my extra 3 weeks ago…

Oh well I mean even extras of any of the other GB promos? Not just dark venusaur

The Dark Fearow would be a hard find.

Also the meowth is the coro coro

Dark fearow, dark ivysaur, and dark venusaur are definitely the toughest to find. Dragonite is the easiest to find.

Good luck on completing your set :blush:

Thanks! What are good prices for each of those? Thanks

The one that will cost you $30-40 is the dark fearow, great rocket’s mewtwo and lugia.

Also the Dark Ivysaur and Dark Venusaur you listed is overpriced. Both card I got for $30 in a bundle.

Ok thanks for the help!

Hey elam, don’t mean to be rude, but could you stop double posting?

I’m on mobile internet and it’s hard to click on modify… because I have a big thumb/index finger. It was easier to type in quick reply~

Oh okay. I thought you were just being dumb and double posting haha :stuck_out_tongue:

I just snagged a dark fearow still sealed new for $29! I think that’s pretty good isn’t it? Now to find a lugia under $40

I will think of this comment the next time you ask me for help! LOL jkjk

@timewaster… grats… I got a sealed magazine with a sealed dark fearow for $30 :slight_smile: … I don’t really care for the magazine…just the card.

Dang seems like you always find better deals than I do! Haha how do you do it? :blush:

Patience? I hope to see your collection sometime. Are you from the UK?

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