Psa 10 gameboy promo set?

Does anyone on here have this set in a 10?? Or know of anyone who does? Can’t seem to find many 10s about latley :confused: one of my favourite artworks is on these cards so collecting the set would be a welcomed addition to my collection :blush:

you just reminded me I need to buy the Venusaur soon

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Where can I find the complete gameboy promo card list??

The PSA pop report for the 1998 GB Venusaur & 2001 GB Dark Venusaur are messed up. A couple months ago all the graded cards for both cards were combined under the 2001 GB Dark Venusaur. I tried to point it out to PSA but in the last few weeks all the numbers were switched to the 1998 GB Venusaur. My best guess is there’s 8 PSA 10 Venusaurs & 10 PSA 10 Dark Venusaurs.

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There’s 8 plus 2 Web cards that have gb artwork but not gb stamp (obviously). Also if your REALLLLY anal you’ll need the “super secret” jr meowth as well

Dragonite venusaur and meowth are missing from the 2001 bulba

Apart from dark fearow, lugia and mewtwo what are the other gb cards in the 2001 list??
And also apart from dragonite, venusaur and meowth.

Meowth, Dragonite, Venusaur, Dark Venusaur, Dark Ivysaur

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Dark Ivysaur and Dark Venusaur which were released in the trainer mags. That rounds out the 2001 GB cards :blush:

ETA: and elam beats me to the punch :wink:

Your best bet is buying each individually. I know that might be stating the obvious, but they will most likely not be sold together as a set.

I agree… I had a set up for sale, but had to separate them because it was easier to sell individually.


Yeah I will be buying em individually :blush:
Thanks for the help guys, got my list sorted so I’ll start ticking them off :blush:

I have a Dark Fearow PSA 10 Posted on ebay right now, Willing to take offers on it!