Bluey, what have you been spending your money on?

I’ve still been spending my money on Pokemon, but it’s not what you think… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve recently (and by recently I mean the last 4 years or so) caught the cosplay bug and it’s bad.
But it’s not that I want to dress as a ton of human anime characters and run around cons…it’s worse. :laughing:

I’ve been really fascinated by large creature costumes. You know, the ones that make people wonder how a person could possibly be inside?? It’s been an amazing outlet for my artistic personality as I’ve struggled my entire life to find where I fit in this world as an ‘artist’. Can I draw? Eh, kind of but I don’t practice because I’m not really a fan. Can I make digital graphics? Yes, but again, not super passionate about it. Can I make paper crafts? Yes, it’s fun, but it doesn’t quite satisfy. Can I make huge costumes? Heck yes. Haha.

So without further adieu, here’s my latest project. My second cosplay! :blush:
Please note that this costume is currently getting a full revamp as I would like to take it to Youmacon this fall/winter. There were many things I discovered needed to be changed after I wore it to Motor City Comic Con a couple weeks ago. But none the less, here is what it looked like a couple weeks ago. I’ll also be sure to post pictures of the updated suit what it’s completed. :blush:

“Hey! Who’s that guy walking behind you??”
Heh… :relieved: Well that’s my husband… I was silly and made the wings way too heavy to wear, so he had to hold them. They are something that is currently being fixed! :blush:

Thanks for looking!


Very cool!

That is so freaking cool. Great job!

Make me want to do a Entei Cosplay

Wow that pretty amazing!

this filled me with so much happiness :blush:

looking forward to seeing the revamps!

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there is a guy on instagram that did a warrior entei armor cosplay.

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Hey guys!

I’ve been working on fixing problems from version 1 of this costume and here is where I am now!
I have to adjust the position of the wings and then it’s time to cover everything with fabric! :blush:



That is sick!

Thanks! :grin:

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Wow that is awesome. Great job.