Halloween costume Idas

Heyho guys,

halloween is around the corner and I’m throwing a party. The Problem is what to wear? To be precise I have two problems.
The first one is that I have basically no Idea what I could dress up as. The second one is that most costumes are really expensiv.

So I figured. Why not ask you guys? :grin:
If you have good ideas for halloween costumes, or websites with not so expensiv costumes ( shipping to EU) let me know.

Maybe other UPCCC memebers will also find some inspiration for the Upcoming event.

Dress up as a Larvitar…dressing up as a Tyranitar. :wink:

Thats maybe a bit too complicated :grin:

On a more serious note, I always found “cosplaying” as a Pokemon Trainer to be extremely easy; it’s my go-to costume if I ever need anything quick for a Halloween party or a convention of some sort.

I painted tennis balls into Pokeballs for a college halloween party one year and been using them often ever since:

And I strolled around with this messenger bag set up during New York Comic-Con earlier this month:


Haha Marie you beat me to the derpeon post!

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I think I’ve posted above about my friend in sydney before; who does man misty.


The pikachu girl not included in Gary’s listings lol. Jessica nigri is always sweet.


If not Flareon, then how about Mr.Mime? :grin:
Halloween costumes should be scary afterall :wink:


That mr.mime is terrifying.

Only one real option

Espeon Cosplay


Is it bad I actually looked at this long enough to think whether I’d want my girlfriend to wear any of them? Think the last one I can definitely rule out though mind you



I gotta say, I didn’t think I’d log onto the pokemon forum today and see, “sexy late stage syphilis”.


Honestly I’d go for Sexy Tampon, I have a thing for one piece outfits.

Blue stars , like it

sorry house, u lost me at the fetus!

No pun intended. :thinking:

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Haha I thought about it and was like, “should I type it”, then remembered I am in the same thread as sexy late stage syphilis.

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Also doubles up if it’s that time of the month… Win/win

This thread should come with warning. I have to go wash eyes with bleach.

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