Halloween Costumes 2015

Hey Guys!

I was curious if anyone else dressed up for Halloween this year? I figure I’m not the only one, so I thought it might be fun to share costumes, whether it’s your own or one you’ve personally come across at a party.

Mother of “Dragons”


I didn’t but my kids did! I made my son a STEVE costume and custom Minion overalls for my daughter!


@missingno Omg THAT minion! Sooo cute! Those are both really awesome!

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Halloween is really big at my university, basically nonstop parties from Wednesday night-Sunday morning. I went as a couple different things, first as a college fuckboy (a guy who sleeps around, acts like he’s really cool, and is less than respectful) and last night I went as “Netflix and Chill” with my friend. I’m the guy in both pictures obviously. Not exactly crazy costumes, but who knows, I’ll probably try harder next year :blush:


sadly didn’t this year but while I’m on this topic this is what really happens if you mix Pokemon with halloween

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So did you guys…Netflix and Chill?


@reinasierpe thanks! lol the action shot was a lucky break! You make a great Saturn Sailor :wink: Did you have a Sailor Moon entourage?

Lol I appreciate the academic description and correct spelling of “fuckboi”. I also appreciate that you halloweened twice.

Whomever this is, Fess up


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oh mang… i wanted to go as a zombie pikachu this year… there is some awesome good heavy quality suits i want to buy from china… >.< then customise them… maybe next year perhaps…:laughing:

Awesome costumes guys above!


A mock up with some of my kids…


The one on the bottom right looks almost identical to you!

Yeah,he’s a dandy. 24 now.

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